Don’t be fooled by the naked-bike handlebar and partial fairing. Just under the skin, the Tuono is a serious, intensely powerful sportbike with world-class electronics. Of course, we can never leave any motorcycle stock, so here’s a full list of our favorite Aprilia Tuono accessories.

Aprilia Tuono Crash Protection

Aero Style Frame Sliders use special de-embrittled hardware that’s meant to bend and not break. An easy bolt on installation and replaceable puck make this one an easy choice.

To keep the Aprilia’s stock engine cases from bearing the brunt of an accident. We’ve thrown the R&G Race Series Engine Case Covers on. They have a replaceable minipuck built in that might keep your cost down if they’ve crashed.

To protect the Aprilia’s cooling system, we fitted a Race Series Titanium Radiator guard and an oil cooler guard.

Other pieces of chassis protection include R&G Front Axle Sliders and rear Offset Cotton Reel Swingarm spools. Up front, the sliders keep the fork and brake components off the ground, and lastly, for the bodywork there’s a set of R&G Carbon Fiber Tank Sliders and a Boot Guard Kit.

A few other things we threw on cosmetically were an R&G exhaust hanger and a Tail Tidy Fender eliminator. We also swapped out the Tuono’s big turn signals with R&G’s sleek Micro LED lights and added DENALI B6 dual-intensity auxiliary brake light.

Aprilia Tuono Luggage Options

The last order of business was to give the Tuono some traveling prowess, which we did with an SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK tankbag. this is the 5L-9L Daypack mounted to a Type 300 EVO tank ring. We also made some minor modifications to a Blaze saddlebag set intended for a 2006 to 2010 Suzuki GSX-R600 or 750. We simply elongated the mounting holes, added longer mounting bolts and 18mm aluminum spacers so the brackets are clear of the bodywork. There are two other solutions using other models of Blaze saddlebags, so you fellow Tuono and RSV-4 owners can check out the thread on Aprilia forums.

And that is that. Our Tuono is better protected, more fun to ride, and more than up to a weekend full of backroad mayhem. Which is exactly what you want for a comfortable superbike.

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