At Twisted Throttle, we’re taking back Thanksgiving. We believe that there are things that are more important than asking our customers to wait in line to save a few bucks. We place a higher value on things like spending time with family, friends, and doing what we love. In the spirit of REI’s #OptOutside campaign, we’re giving most of our employees the day off. We hope that they can get busy living, and tell Black Friday to get out. It’s time to make Thanksgiving what it was meant to be – a weekend filled with love, laughter, and family. Oh, and possibly motorcycles on dirt. Cause, you know, we like that kind of thing. Here’s are some of the things our employees will be doing – We encourage you to share yours with the hashtag #getoutblackfriday on Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. Or, leave a comment and tell us what you’ll be doing. We hope it’s not waiting in line. We’ll be sharing our favorite photos that you submit, and might even have some fun stuff to give to the ones we like the most.

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