Good luck buying a face mask at a local store in the near future, helmets are the go-to from this point moving forward. Nothing blocks a sneeze better* than a Scorpion EverClear no-fog face shield. Couple that with its KwikWick II Anti-Microbial comfort liner and you’ll be cool, dry and thanking us later.

*Sneeze ratings not evaluated by the DOT.


Klim TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet ECE/DOT

Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet ECE/DOT

ScorpionExo EXO-AT950 Modular Adventure Touring Helmet | Multiple Colors



It’ll be really hard to touch your face when your arms are at ease thanks to a new pair of handlebar risers. You might even find yourself playing with all your widgets connected to your handlebars with the wide array of RAM Mounts. Lastly, a Kaoko throttle lock will make your highway travels a walk in the park (which is also a great idea, providing you maintain the 6ft rule).

Handlebar Risers & Barbacks

Kaoko Throttle Stabilizers

RAM Mounts

We understand, the weather is getting nice and you’re dying for a bike night with your friends. You know what’s better than worrying about social distancing? Knowing you can travel farther than ever before with a spare MSR fuel bottle and a Roto-Pax water carrier. Sure, people are cool, but better than a sunrise view on top of a mountain? We think not…. Sunrises not your thing? No worries, stay and watch the sunset, then light up the night with a pair of DENALI auxiliary lights – see better and further than you’ve ever thought possible. 

MSR Fuel Bottle


Denali Electronics


Last but not least, be prepared. The last thing you want to worry about traveling far away from civilization is chain lubrication. Scottoiler has your back with several chain lube system options – travel easy and rest assured. How are you gonna get where you’re going without a fresh set of Mitas tires? Yeah, you can’t – grab a spare, don’t be silly. If you’re planning on bringing a passenger on your journeys, do yourselves a favor, grab some new MFW footpegs. Your feet will thank you and we’ll give you a high five….virtually of course.

MFW Footpegs

Mitas Tires


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