Triumph’s Daytona 675 sportbike has been a fan favorite for quite some time, mixing razor-sharp handling with the charisma of a small-displacement three-cylinder engine. The current generation, introduced as a 2013 model, is light, focused, fun to ride. Its popularity fuels a wide range of motorcycle accessories, too, covering everything from hard luggage and integrated tank-bag systems to body/engine protection and ergonomic refinements.

Triumph Daytona 675 Crash Protection

Triumph Daytona 675 Frame SlidersHow about increased protection? There are a number of R&G products intended to make the consequences of a minor crash much more tolerable. These include axle sliders, a clever header pipe grill that prevents road debris from mucking up the Daytona’s exhaust system and forward engine cases, a radiator guard, engine side-case covers (left and right), a frame-slider set,  bar-end sliders, axle sliders, a carbon-fiber brake-lever guard, and a Shocktube shock protector. Bottom line: Each of these products contributes in a meaningful way to keeping your Daytona looking fresh and minimizing the costs of crash damage.

Triumph Daytona 675 windscreenOf course, the Daytona is a sexy beast, so cosmetic adjustments are always on the shopping list. These include an R&G Tail Tidy rear-fender eliminator, plug-and-play micro turn signal lights, mirror blanking plates (perfect for filling the holes left by the stock mirrors for track days or when you run bar-end mirrors), and an MRA Double-Bubble windshield, which not only makes the Daytona look more aggressive but offers increased weather protection and highway comfort.

Daytona 675 Luggage

It stands to reason that if you’re more comfortable on the road, you might want to take a few things with you. That means luggage, for which the Daytona is well-supported. Start with an SW-MOTECH QUICK LOCK EVO tank bag bottom ring, which bolts straight to the fuel-cap surround, and mate it any of these tankbags from SW-MOTECH: the Micro tank bag (2.5 to 5 liters’ capacity), the Day Pack (5-9 liters), or the Engage tank bag (7 liters).

If you need more capacity, try the SW-MOTECH Slipstream tail bag (13 liters’ capacity). Even more room comes with the innovative Blaze saddlebags (14-21 liters per bag), which use a bike-specific mounting system that holds the bags firmly on the motorcycle and ensures they won’t get sucked into the rear wheel.

And that’s just some of the accessories for the Daytona 675. Refer to the model page for more. There are an almost unlimited number of ways you can improve your Daytona—make it more comfortable or practical—without diluting its spunky sportbike essence.

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