Southern Souls Motorcycle Adventure

How far would you ride, to meet a friend you’ve never met?
By Nipun Srivastava.

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[Motorcycles, they make our world go round.]

Truly, these two-wheeled machines have made me marvel at their form and function, right
since I’ve been conscious enough to understand the feeling of wind hitting my skin in tandem
with the twist of a throttle. What motorcycles have given me, in return for living with them,
maintaining them and fueling them, cannot be quantified. But what I can do is share how
they’ve made a huge impact on my life, the type of people I meet and how I meet them.


Ever had a friend who you’ve never met, never ridden alongside, never even spoken to on the
phone but your connection is super strong – as if you were siblings? That’s what MK and I share –
all because of our motorcycles!

Nipun Srivastava

[I had just bought my dream motorcycle – the BMW R1250GS.]

It was surreal, bringing this behemoth home and like any true motorcyclist, I was itching to ride
the living daylights out of it! As if on cue, my friend who I’d never spoken to, MK, sent me a text
saying he was on his way back to India in December. (He stays in Dubai most of the year). He
was returning to his village home in Kerala – in the heart of South India!
Since we’d never met, yet, were two passionate motorcyclists – passionate about motorcycles,
accessories, riding gear et al, this was a golden opportunity for us to finally ride together after
years of WhatsApp friendship! MK, like myself, rode a plethora of motorcycles and had a
penchant for quality.

MK and I got to know each other because both of us were part of a motorcycle (messaging)
group that owned Kawasakis – The Versys 650 to be exact. We both loved the V650s as they
made for fantastic, practical and fast machines that were very accessory friendly. As it
happens on such groups, discussing accessories and dealing with weirdos who always had a
point to prove, MK and I found our opinions chiming in unison more than a few times. This led
to us deciding that, as and when we’d get the chance, we’d ride together.

You know what they say, great friends are hard to come by. So I take them when I get them
and hold on as tight as the brotherhood allows.



The reality was that MK’s home was a thousand miles away from my home – one way. I’d have
to cross 5 states, ride through mountain ranges, alongside India’s West Coast and cover
decent highway distances to reach Kerala.

Motorcycle Adventure

[2000 miles ahead!]

I convinced my usual motorcycling partner in crime, Vaishali, to join me on this multi state ride
across western India. She’s the best pillion I’ve ever had on a motorcycle. Always in sync,
always ready to pull her weight (and the bikes! If need be :-P). Vaishali has been a constant
companion on quite a few motorcycle rides. Most importantly, she doesn’t mind me giving
most of my attention to my motorcycle when on a ride, especially with my cameras.

Nipun Srivastava
[Vaishali, flanked by the GS and I. #helmethair #forthewin]


Well, the ride didn’t begin all that well.

Being a Creative Director, leading my own advertising and production teams, I’m always
jumping from one shoot to the other and the night before the ride was the same, it got real late.
We started the ride a full 6 hours behind schedule, as I spent the early morning packing and
setting up my GS, first BIG ride after all.

Starting late (on a ride as huge as this one) is a strict no-no for me. It just puts everything out of
whack and has a cascading effect on the whole endeavour. Anyway, we made our way, leaving
my home city of Pune at noon, in the state of Maharashtra, India.

Image Drivers India
[Highway Milemuncher!]

It was December, a few days ahead of Christmas. MK is Christian and the whole idea on this
leg of the onward journey was to reach the destination in time for us to celebrate together! To
help make that happen, MK and his family had made their way to Wayanad, up and into the
Southern Indian Mountains, with MK riding his Versys 650.
Vaishali (my pillion), the GS and I were a long ways away though. We were still riding towards
Goa, our first overnight stop on the ride.


[The worst place to stay, if you have to leave the next morning, is Goa.]

Why? Because one never feels like leaving Goa, ever! The food and people in Goa are some of
the best. Every time we ride into Goa, the chilled out vibe grips us so tight that we almost
always end up extending our trip! No such option this time, we were on a mission, mission to

Motorcycle Adventure Motorcycle Adventure
[Susegado baby, you’re in Goa!]

‘Susegado’, as the Goans refer to the ‘vibe’ here, is infectious to say the least. From quiet naps
in the afternoon to casual beer and seafood in the evening, you just want to slow down and
enjoy each breath you take, when here. Something that is so alluring to my current city
dwelling mindset, I am certain I will get myself a home in Goa someday. Maybe I’ll even get a
boat and spend my retirement dough mounting Denali lights on it!

Motorcycle Adventure
[Coastal Dusk]

We reached Goa after dark, just in time for a quick dinner with local friends and then to bed.
Next morning, we took our time once again, leaving at noon. On our way out of Goa, our next
overnight destination was the city of Mangalore in the state of Karnataka (already our third
state on this ride!).


The coastal road from Goa to Mangalore, a distance of about 400 kilometres, is some of the
most pleasurable and easy riding one can do. Especially now that we had already fallen behind
our riding schedule, there was no point rushing through the good bits. Taking the Goan vibe
along as we rode across state borders into Karnataka, we took time to appreciate the
abundant coastal beauty this stretch of the road had to offer. Stopping often, just to enjoy the
constant sea breeze and refreshing views.

The whole 400 kilometre Goa-Mangalore stretch winds along the western coast of India, in
tandem with the Western Ghat Mountains on one side and the stunning Arabian Sea on the
other, lined on both sides of the road with rustling coconut palms.

Motorcycle Adventure
[Seaside Ride!]

Even though the 400k distance may seem short, this coastal route is a slow ride by default.
After a good 10 hours on the road, we reached Mangalore City and battled its peak hour
evening traffic to reach our hotel. Promptly dismounting and heading for dinner.



Just 400 kilometres from the Indian Sunshine State of Goa and a few tens of kilometres short
of the Southern state of Kerala, sits the bustling coastal City of Mangalore. With its own unique
Mangalorean cuisine and culture, it’s a city and region which is as unique as it is stunning! I’d
taken a trip specifically to explore this part of India in 2018, on my Versys 650.

On this trip however, Mangalore was just a place to lay our heads before we finally made our
way up into the Western Ghat Mountains towards Wayanad.


Motorcycle Adventure
[Ah, Kerala, you beauty!]

From crisp coffee to tantalising teas, from calm lagoons to the roaring seas, from life at
sea-level to misty, evergreen mountains – Kerala has EVERYTHING any traveller could ever ask
for. Not to forget the divine cuisine that is the diamond in the crown of this state!
As soon as we rode into the Western Ghat Mountains, we left the warm and sultry tropical
weather behind and were welcomed into the highlands with cool mountainous breeze. With the
Boxer Engine of the 1250 GS growling between my legs, I took full advantage of the superb
2-Up riding dynamics of this stellar motorcycle!

Motorcycle Adventure
[Loaded up!]

Not only were Vaishali and I riding 2-Up, our GS (The Swashbuckler) was fully loaded from
front to back! Right from the SW-Motech EVO Daypack Tankbag, carrying most of my Camera
paraphernalia, to the AERO ABS Side Cases (also from SW-Motech) – our main luggage. I also
have to mention the nifty Urban ABS Top Case that we had, carrying all our footwear at the

Why do I consistently choose SW Motech ABS Luggage over a trio of aluminium?
Well, even on a motorcycle as well put together as the GS, one needs luggage that is
manageable single handedly. (OR) When touring 2-Up, the rider-pillion team has to be able to
lug the luggage up a hill with bare hands. Ultimately, ABS luggage is light, yet holds its form
beautifully and looks stunning on the outside. Moreover, the AERO ABS Side Cases aren’t too
big and thus make you carefully consider each item you are carrying. You know, so that you
don’t end up carrying extra crap that you’ll never use. Most importantly, in a worst case
scenario, one can shove these abs plastic luggage cases in overhead bins on an aircraft!

Motorcycle Adventure Motorcycle Adventure
[ABS luggage #forthewin from SW-MOTECH & DENALI Electronics D4 V2 TriOptic LED Aux. Lamps]

Just in time for this ride, I had mounted the Denali D4 V2 TriOptic LED Aux. Lamps. These came
in very handy as we rode further up into the western ghat mountains and the Sun went down
behind the peaks. We were flying towards our destination, the forest district of Wayanad. We
passed the coffee plantations of Coorg/Madikeri during early evening and then crossed the
state border into Kerala as dusk approached. A few more hours of cold weather riding saw us
entering the forests of Wayanad on the GS, looking for our hotel, where our Christmas dinner

My friend, MK, had made sure that as soon as we got off the motorcycles, our beers were
handed to us! Mark of a true friend ;).


Motorcycle Adventure Motorcycle Adventure
[Motorcycle Friends – MK, his wife Seema, Vaishali and I. Our Steeds – MK’s Kawasaki Versys 650 & The Swashbuckler!]

When motorcycle tourers meet, the first few hours are spent conversing and analysing each
other’s motorcycles. It’s one thing to share messages about which accessory to buy, its a
whole another process seeing it mounted on a machine.
MK and his wife had ridden up to the forests of Wayanad to celebrate Christmas with us. What
a gesture and what a way to bring in 2020!


Motorcycle Adventure

[Vythiri Trails!  Absolutely calm green forests, nestled within sweeping hills and water bodies, that is what Wayanad and Vythiri offer.]

We spent a couple of days exploring the areas around, took in the perfect winter weather and
generally chilled out. I even took the opportunity to head out and ride a couple of off-road trails
deeper into the forests of Vythiri. Lucky that the monsoon season had passed, this place would
have been mayhem to ride through, landslides and all!

Motorcycle Adventure

[Lakeside Vibes!]

Motorcycle Adventure

Motorcycle Adventure

[At the end of one trail, we found ourselves a glassy lake with open views, imperative that I
spend some time shooting my GS! :D]


With Christmas behind us, MK, our pillions and I were to ride further deeper into Kerala – to
their village home, 300 kilometers further south of Wayanad. This was our first real ride

Image Drivers India
[Riding motorcycles into 2020!]

2020 was brought in with style at (what I like to call) MK’s motorcycle-home. One reason why
we hit it off is that the both of us are motorcycle aficionados, the constant motoring banter
between us is endless, we often found ourselves being the last people in a room. Visiting a
fellow rider’s home sometimes treats one to a fascinating insight into their unique perspective
on motoring.

Motorcycle Adventure

Motorcycle Adventure
[MK’s Motorcycles Home & Festive Champagne!]

There’s something to be said about living far away from the city. The calm surroundings and
slow pace of life in Indian villages is worth its weight in gold if you ask me. Increasingly, I have
come to realise that it is the quality of the life one is living and not the location that matters
most. Here’s hoping I put my learnings from this trip into practice sooner than later!

Finally then, our time at MK’s home also came to an end. Their family had left no stone
unturned in making sure we were fed every type of delicacy Kerala had to offer. Vaishali and I
were as honoured as we were humbled by their extraordinary hospitality.
I struggle with goodbyes.


On Indian roads, there’s no time to brood. As soon as we rode out of rural Kerala, the heat,
humidity and bustle of urban traffic hit us like a freight train!

Motorcycle Adventure
[We were now on our way to the metropolitan city of Kochi.]

After spending close to 10 days in the stunning serenity of Wayanad, Vythiri and then at my
friend’s village villa. Kochi’s fast pace took some getting used to! Luckily for us, the BMW
dealership here was headed by a friend and fellow GS rider as well. For the first time on this
ride, Vaishali and I left the GS for some TLC at EVM Motorrad Kochi and made our way to the
touristy side of the city. Kochi is a hardcore coastal city, the Arabian Sea forms an inseparable
part of the life here. Whether it’s the sea-food or the ways to get around town, the Sea is

Motorcycle Adventure

[Ferry Hop in search of the Biker’s Burger!]

Motorcycle Adventure

[We hopped onto a ferry to get us to Fort Kochi – probably the most touristy part of town. With
the prospect of juicy burgers in front of us, we weren’t complaining! Lo and behold, I found
myself a ‘biker’s burger’, I had to give it a go! :D]

Motorcycle Adventure

Motorcycle Adventure

[Our stop at Kochi city was planned as a jumping off point. We had the GS being looked over
by the boys at BMW, just as a precaution, as this was our first big tour with the beast. Next, we
had to plan our journey back towards home. Or did we?]


My partner in crime on this ride, Vaishali, is a corporate honcho and her work schedules are
always very demanding. But when we’re on a motorcycle ride, she leaves the planning to me. I
was free to take whatever route I wished, as long as I got her back in time for her work. Ok

Since we’d largely hugged the coast on our way south, I was quite keen on taking the
mountainous route towards home. With the GS making short work of highways, I was quite
keen on taking a road that had a few more curves and few less curbs, if you know what I mean.
Although as a tourer I tend to ride South quite often, there are still pockets of South India I am
yet to explore. The hill town of Coonoor, in the lap of the Nilgiri mountain ranges is one such
unexplored pocket for me. And so, thanks to google maps and Taj Hotels, our plan was set.


Motorcycle Adventure
[The GS, surrounded by tea gardens, at 7000ft!]

If Tea and mountains are your thing, Coonoor & Ooty in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu
are a must visit. Both hill towns ooze old world (and dare I say, colonial) charm. The climb upto
about 7000 feet above sea level brought us to our little cozy spot in Coonoor. This quaint little
hotel (managed by Taj Hotels, India), was the perfect example of old British architecture that
now forms part of regular life here. The temperatures were quite low, which was a welcome
break from the humid hustle of Kochi. Both Coonoor and Ooty are touristy towns with tea
gardens surrounding all mountain slopes, all around. Needless to say, both towns are full of
tourist traps that are worth visiting only if one is fond of such things.

Image Drivers India

Image Drivers India

Image Drivers India

Image Drivers India
[Sweeping Views – Train Ride to Ooty – Ooty Railway Head – Our Cozy Spot at Coonoor!]

Our love for machines, however, drew us to the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. The last remaining
meter-gauge rack/cog railway line in India. The hour long train ride snakes its way along the
mountain slopes from Coonoor to Ooty, offering sweeping views of the stunning tea gardens
and surrounding hills. A perfect way to take in both towns, when short on time.
On that note, we were no more on a leisure trip. After our second night at Coonoor, we were
well and truly homeward bound. Even though home was still a good 1000 kilometres away!

Adventure Motorcycle
[Riding down the Blue Mountains! A beautiful ride on motorcycles!]

Now, it was just a matter of mounting up, riding down the Blue Mountains of India (Nilgiris),
wrapping up our 20-day motorcycle sojourn and finally, settling down with the grind once


Image Drivers India
[Homeward Bound! The final stretch of any motorcycle adventure!]

Vaishali and I took one more stop on our way back home. The coffee town of Chikmagalur. If
coffee is your thing and you’re in India, Chikmagalur is the place to be! Estate after estate
growing coffee line the hillsides here. Check out my Kawasaki Versys 650 story, where I
explore this area in greater depth: Malabar Calling.

With Chikmagalur behind us, it was a relatively straight 700 kilometre highway dash back
towards our home city of Pune. Memories and experiences in tow, atop the mighty
Swashbuckler, we had made good time on every leg of our 3000 kilometre winter journey to
the South of India. For the kind of riding we do, I doubt there’s a better steed out there.


[MK and I, the original dreamers of this trip, have made a pact. Every year, when he returns to India, we will meet up and ride together in some new part of
India. Our next escapade includes the Southern Districts of Idukki and Periyar National Park
and Tiger reserve.]

As Vaishali and I returned to Pune, MK and his family reached their home in Dubai. All of us,
back to the grind. Little did we know, what 2020 had in store for the world. Lockdowns after
lockdowns in India have kept my GS and me caged in isolation since this whole pandemic
fracas began. Although I’m pretty sure these testing times will pass, I truly hope us ‘Southern
Souls’ are riding alongside each other again, soon.

If it wasn’t for our motorcycles, all of them, that got us here, MK and I probably wouldn’t ever
have crossed paths.

And if you took a look at us today, we’re like family.

[Motorcycles, they make our world go round.]


Check out the Swashbuckler Motorcycle Build!

Motorcycle built by The Nirvana Team. Accessories provided by SW-MOTECH & DENALI
Electronics. Project supported by BIG BAD BIKES.

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