Speed Bleeder SB8125L Brake Bleeder Screw With Built-in Check Valve



With the Speed Bleeder 8125L Brake Bleeder Screw With Built-in Check Valve you can turn bleeding your brakes into a one person job. read more


Speed Bleeder
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$6.99 USD

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Once installed the Speed Bleeder becomes part of the brake system.

How It Works

1. When it is time to bleed your brakes, you loosen the Speed Bleeder 1/4 turn and pump your brake pedal

2. When the pedal is depressed the pressure generated opens the check valve letting air and brake fluid out of the end of the Speed Bleeder

3. When you release the pedal and it returns to the up position, the check valve closes and prevents any air from reentering the system through the Speed Bleeder

4. When bubble free fluid is evident you close the Speed Bleeder. In the closed position it works just like your stock bleeder screw and prevents any brake fluid from leaking out.

It generally takes about 5 pumps to purge each caliper. If at a later date you need to bleed your brakes, the patented thread sealing system on the Speed Bleeder makes it easy to open the bleeder screw to perform the bleeding operation.



S1000RR ’10-’12 (Master Cylinder)
R1100S ’97-’04 (Front Brakes w/o ABS)
R1100SBX ’02 (Front Brakes)
R1150GS ’01-’03 (Front – EVO)
R1150R ’02-’03 (Front Brakes – Brembo)
R1150RT ’00-’06 (Front Brakes)
R1200CLC ’03 (Front Brakes – Brembo)
R1200GS ’05-’09 (Front Brakes)
R1200GS Adventure ’05-’12 (Front Brakes)
R1200GS LC ’13-’15 (Right Front Brakes)
R1200RT ’05-’13 (Front Brakes)
R1200RT LC ’13-’15 (Right Front Brakes)
K1200GT ’03-’04 (Front Brakes)
K1200GT ’06-’08 (Front & Rear Brakes)
K1200RS ’02-’03 (Front Brakes)
K1200S ’03-’08 (Front & Rear Brakes)
K1300GT ’07-’10 (Front & Rear Brakes)
K1600GTL ’10-’15 (Right Front Brakes)


CBR600RR ’05-’09 (Rear Brakes)
CBR1000RR ’04-’09 (Rear Brakes)
CBR1100XX Blackbird ’97-’03 (Clutch & Front Brakes x 2 Per Caliper)
GL1000 ’75-’83 (Front & Rear Brakes)
GL1100 ’75-’83 (Front & Rear Brakes)
VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre ’02 (Front & Rear Brakes)
GL1200 ’84-’86 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
GL1200 ’87 (Clutch)
ST1300 ’05-’07 (Proportion Valve & Front Brakes x2 Per Caliper)
VTX1300C ’06-’08 (Front & Rear Brakes)
GL1500 ’88-’94 (Rear Brakes)
GL1500 ’95-’00 (Front & Rear Brakes)
GL1800 ’01-’12 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
Pacific Coast ’89-’90, ’94-’95 (Rear Brakes)
Pacific Coast ’96-’99 Front & Rear Brakes)
Shadow ’03 (Front & Rear Brakes)
Valkyrie Rune ’04 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
VTX1800 ’03-’06 (Clutch, Front Brakes x2 Per Caliper & Rear Brakes)


KDX 200 ’03 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
EX250 ’04-’06 (Clutch)
Ninja 250 ’05-’07 (Clutch)
Ninja 250 ’08-’09 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
Ninja 500R ’04 (Clutch)
Ninja 650R ’07 (Clutch)
ZX6R ’03-’06 (Clutch)
ZX6R ’07 (Clutch & Front Brakes)
ZX6R ’13 (Front Brakes, Rear Brakes & master Cylinder Guard)
ZX10R ’04 (Clutch)
ZX-10R ’12 (Rear Brakes & Clutch)
ZX14 ’06-’11 (Front Brakes, Rear Brakes x2, Clutch and Master Cyliner Guard)
Vulcan Drifter 800 ’03 (Clutch)
Vulcan Nomad ’07 (Clutch)
Concours ZG1000 ’04-’07 (Clutch)
Concours ZG1000 ’08 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
KLR650 ’02-’07 (Clutch)
KLR650 ’08 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
KLX650 & KLX650R ’96-’08 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
Vulcan 1600 Classic
Z1000 ’03 (Clutch)
ZRX1200 ’03 (Clutch)
ZZR1200 ’02 (Clutch)
VN1600 Mean Streak ’02-’08 (Clutch & Front Brakes)


B-King ’08 (Front Brakes)
Boulevard C90 ’05-’10 (Clutch)
GSX-R600 ’04-’05 (Clutch & Rear Brakes)
DR650SE ’99-’11 (Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
GSX650F ’08-’11 (Rear Brakes)
SV650 ’03-’08 (Rear Brakes)
SV650S ’03-’08 (Rear Brakes)
GSX-R750 ’04-’05 (Rear Brakes x2)
GSX-R750F ’99-’05 (Front Brakes & Rear Brakes x2)
GSX-R1000 ’01-’09 (Clutch, Rear Brakes, & Master Cylinder Guard)
GSX-R1000 ’12 (Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
SV1000N ’03 (Rear Brakes)
SV1000S ’03-’07 (Rear Brakes)
V-Strom DL1000 ’02-’12 (Rear Brakes & Clucth)
GSF1200 Bandit ’97-’00 (Clutch, Front Brakes)
GSF1200 Bandit ’01-’05 (Clutch)
GSF1250S Bandit ’07-’09 (Clutch & Rear Brakes)
GSF1250SA Bandit ’08 (Clutch & Rear Brakes)
GSX-R1300 Hayabusa ’01-’11 (Clutch)
GSX-R1300 Hayabusa ’12-’13 (Front Brakes)
Savage ’96 (Front Brakes)
VL1500 ’02 (Clutch)

FZ1 ’01-’05 (Clutch)
FZ1 ’06-’10 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
R1 ’88-’13 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
FZ6 ’04-’05 (Clutch & Rear Brakes) R6 ’02-’12 (Clutch)
Raider S ’08 (Clutch)
Road Star ’05 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
Road Star (Standard) ’99-’03 (Clutch & Rear Brakes)
Road Star (Warrior) ’02-’04 (Front Brakes)
Royal Star Venture ’99-’09 (Rear Brakes)
YZFR1000 ’02 (Front Brakes)
V Star 1100 ’99-’05 (Rear Brakes)
VXS1100 Custom ’05 (Clutch, Front Brakes & Rear Brakes)
XVS1100 ’03 (Clutch & Rear Brakes)
FJR1300 ’04-’05 (Left Front Brake & Clutch)
FJR1300 ’06-’14 (Clutch, Front Brakes)
XVZ1300CTT ’05 (Rear Brakes)
XV1900 Stratoliner ’06-’11 (Clutch, Front Brakes)

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