SW-MOTECH Type 300 PRO Tank Ring for Select Aprilia, Ducati, MV Agusta & Moto Guzzi Motorcycles | Tanks without Screws

  • SW-MOTECH PRO Tank Ring
  • SW-MOTECH Type 300 PRO Tank Ring for Select Aprilia, Ducati, MV Agusta & Moto Guzzi Motorcycles
  • SW-MOTECH Type 210 PRO Tank Ring for KTM 390 Duke
  • SW-MOTECH PRO Tank Ring
  • SW-MOTECH Type 300 PRO Tank Ring for Select Aprilia, Ducati, MV Agusta & Moto Guzzi Motorcycles
  • SW-MOTECH Type 210 PRO Tank Ring for KTM 390 Duke


The patented Type 300 PRO Tank Ring replaces your motorcycles tank filler and replaces it with a tank ring adapter. The PRO tank ring is attached to the tank ring adapter. read more Brand:
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.8 lbs
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$72.95 USD


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$72.95 USD

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Please Note:

  • PRO Tank Rings are NOT compatible with SW-MOTECH EVO Tank Bags.
  • A tank ring adapter is included in delivery. This replaces the factory-installed tank filler

The QUICK-LOCK locking mechanism of the SW-MOTECH tank rings which has been tried and tested for many years can now be operated even more easily thanks to the magnetic guidance aid from Fidlock technology. The positioning of the top ring has been significantly improved: the sliding top ring comes already pre-assembled on the tank bag with a guide rail and the tank bag does not need to be drilled.

This way the top ring can be custom-aligned onto the guide rail on the underside of the tank bag. Once the right position has been found the top ring is screwed tight. When changing to another motorcycle the position of the upper ring can be adjusted accordingly.

The magnetic guide developed by Fidlock complements the already advanced SW-MOTECH mechanical QUICK-LOCK latching system: the magnets guide the upper ring into the appropriate position on the tank ring and the lock snaps firmly into place. The strength of the magnets supports the positioning of the tank bag. Fasten the tank bag in one simple step and drive off – your luggage is safe with this clever solution.

The mechanical locking mechanism secures the tank bag and the magnets bring both parts of the ring together. The robust fibreglass reinforced plastic with its high-precision locking geometry is responsible for ensuring that the tank bag remains firmly in place in all situations.


  • Bike-specific adapter ring for the best fit and customized solutions
  • Simple mounting on to the tank neck
  • Magnetic guide aid in the PRO tank ring for easy attachment
  • Quick release via pull straps allows you to remove the PRO tank bag with one movement
  • The patented PRO tank ring gives PRO tank bags a secure hold
  • Easy refueling tank lid can be opened as usual
  • Made from fiberglass-reinforced polyamide
  • Paintwork-protecting solution: the tank bag does not rest on the tank

What’s in the box?:

  • 1 x PRO Tankring
  • 1 x Tank ring adapter
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material


SW-MOTECH PRO Sport Tank Bag for

SW-MOTECH PRO Sport Tank Bag for QUICK-LOCK PRO Tank Rings | 12-17L

The PRO Sport Tank Bag is the perfect choice for sporty motorcycles, thanks to its striking design and flat shape. With 12-17 liters, the tank bag has plenty of storage. For navigation, smartphones can be securely attached to the MOLLE system on the lid using the T-Lock holder.

SW-MOTECH PRO Trial Tank Bag

SW-MOTECH PRO Trial Tank Bag for QUICK-LOCK PRO Tank Rings | 13-18L

The PRO Trial is a great companion for long-distance touring. With its open volume expansion, the tank bag features 18 liters of storage and is particularly suitable for use on slightly curved fuel tanks. Two outer pockets provide additional storage.


SW-MOTECH PRO GS Tank Bag for QUICK-LOCK PRO Tank Rings | 16-20L

The PRO GS Tank Bag was developed specifically for steeply sloped fuel tanks such as that of the BMW R 1250 GS. The stable tank bag offers up to 20 liters of generous storage space. Equipped with the MOLLE system for holding the smartphone or tablet holder, the PRO GS is the perfect companion for long journeys.


SW-MOTECH PRO City Tank Bag for QUICK-LOCK PRO Tank Rings | 11-14L

The PRO City Tank Bag was developed for adventure bikes and other motorcycles with steeply sloped fuel tanks. Although the tank bag offers storage up to 14 liters, the narrow shape won't interfere with your bars, even when the bag is fully packed. Two outer pockets provide additional storage.


SW-MOTECH PRO Engage Tank Bag for QUICK-LOCK PRO Tank Rings | 7-10L

The PRO Engage Tank Bag is perfect for use on curved fuel tanks. Like all PRO tank bags, the PRO Engage is made of robust and particularly UV-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon with a splashproof inner lining.


SW-MOTECH PRO Daypack Tank Bag

SW-MOTECH PRO Daypack Tank Bag for QUICK-LOCK PRO Tank Rings | 5-8L

The universal fit makes the SW-MOTECH PRO Daypack Tank Bag a real all-rounder, just like the PRO Micro. However, the larger Daypack offers 5 to 9 liters of storage and comes with a few extra features.

SW-MOTECH PRO Micro Tank Bag

SW-MOTECH PRO Micro Tank Bag for QUICK-LOCK PRO Tank Rings | 3-5L

The PRO Micro Tank Bag fits on almost any tank and securely transports small necessities like vehicle documents and valuables. Like all PRO tank bags, the Micro sits on an EVA plastic base that guarantees it will keep its shape.

SW-MOTECH PRO Magnetic Tank Bag

SW-MOTECH PRO Daypack Magnetic Tank Bag | 6-9L

Strong magnets give the SW-MOTECH PRO Daypack Magnetic Tank Bag a firm hold, even on uneven terrain. Its sophisticated base plate design allows it to be released from the tank without exerting excessive force.

SW-MOTECH Enduro Strap Tank Bag

SW-MOTECH PRO Enduro Strap Tank Bag | 12-15L

We cannot offer tank rings for some motorcycle models, but the PRO Enduro strap tank bag impresses with its sophisticated details. When refueling your bike, simply detach the snap buckles and slide or fold the base to the side to gain access to the gas tank.

Part Numbers

Our part number: TRT0078730000B
GTIN13 / EAN: 4052572189368


This Product Fits

ApriliaRSV4 1100 Factory2019
ApriliaRSV4 1100 Factory2020
ApriliaTuono 1000R / V42011
ApriliaTuono 1000R / V42012
ApriliaTuono 1000R / V42013
ApriliaTuono 1000R / V42014
ApriliaTuono V4 11002017
ApriliaTuono V4 11002018
ApriliaTuono V4 11002019
ApriliaTuono V4 1100 Factory2020
ApriliaTuono V4 1100 RR2020
ApriliaTuono V4 RR2017
ApriliaTuono V4 RR2018
ApriliaTuono V4 RR2019
Ducati1299 Panigale / R / S2015
Ducati1299 Panigale / R / S2016
Ducati1299 Panigale / R / S2017
Ducati1299 Panigale / R / S2018
Ducati899 Panigale2014
Ducati899 Panigale2015
Ducati959 Panigale2016
Ducati959 Panigale2017
Ducati959 Panigale2018
Ducati959 Panigale2019
DucatiMonster 1100 / S / EVO2009
DucatiMonster 1100 / S / EVO2010
DucatiMonster 1100 / S / EVO2011
DucatiMonster 1100 / S / EVO2012
DucatiMonster 1100 / S / EVO2013
DucatiMonster 6962008
DucatiMonster 6962009
DucatiMonster 6962010
DucatiMonster 6962011
DucatiMonster 6962012
DucatiMonster 6962013
DucatiMonster 6962014
DucatiMonster 7962010
DucatiMonster 7962011
DucatiMonster 7962012
DucatiMonster 7962013
DucatiMonster 7962014
DucatiPanigale 11992012
DucatiPanigale 11992013
DucatiPanigale 11992014
DucatiPanigale 1199 S2012
DucatiPanigale 1199 S2013
DucatiPanigale 1199 S2014
DucatiPanigale V22020
DucatiPanigale V42018
DucatiPanigale V42019
DucatiPanigale V42020
DucatiPanigale V4 R2018
DucatiPanigale V4 R2019
DucatiPanigale V4 R2020
DucatiPanigale V4 S2020
DucatiPanigale V4 Speciale2018
DucatiPanigale V4 Speciale2019
DucatiPanigale V4 Speciale2020
DucatiPanigale V4S2018
DucatiPanigale V4S2019
DucatiStreetfighter 848 / 10982011
DucatiStreetfighter 848 / 10982012
DucatiStreetfighter 848 / 10982013
DucatiStreetfighter 848 / 10982014
DucatiStreetfighter 848 / 10982015
DucatiStreetfighter V42020
DucatiStreetfighter V4 S2020
Moto Guzzi1200 Sport / Breva Sport2008
Moto Guzzi1200 Sport / Breva Sport2009
Moto Guzzi1200 Sport / Breva Sport2010
Moto Guzzi1200 Sport / Breva Sport2011
Moto Guzzi1200 Sport / Breva Sport2012
Moto Guzzi1200 Sport / Breva Sport2013
Moto Guzzi1200 Sport / Breva Sport2014
Moto Guzzi1200 Sport / Breva Sport2015
Moto GuzziBreva 11002004
Moto GuzziBreva 11002005
Moto GuzziBreva 11002006
Moto GuzziBreva 11002007
Moto GuzziBreva V750 / V8502005
Moto GuzziBreva V750 / V8502006
Moto GuzziBreva V750 / V8502007
Moto GuzziBreva V750 / V8502008
Moto GuzziBreva V750 / V8502009
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2006
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2007
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2008
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2009
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2010
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2011
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2012
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2013
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2014
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2015
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2016
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V SE2017
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2006
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2007
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2008
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2009
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2010
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2011
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2012
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2013
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2014
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2015
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 GT2016
Moto GuzziStelvio 1200 4V2009
Moto GuzziStelvio 1200 4V2010
Moto GuzziStelvio 1200 4V2011
Moto GuzziStelvio 1200 NTX2012
Moto GuzziStelvio 1200 NTX2013
Moto GuzziStelvio 1200 NTX2014
Moto GuzziStelvio 1200 NTX2015
Moto GuzziStelvio 1200 NTX2016
Moto GuzziStelvio 1200 NTX2017
MV AgustaF4 / RC / RR / LH442013
MV AgustaF4 / RC / RR / LH442014
MV AgustaF4 / RC / RR / LH442015
MV AgustaF4 / RC / RR / LH442016
MV AgustaF4 / RC / RR / LH442017
MV AgustaF4 / RC / RR / LH442018



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