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This SW-MOTECH sidestand features super-strong steel construction with typical German design and high engineering standards. Superb integration with the factory exhaust and side stand components -- retain all existing features without sacrificing lean angle or clearances. read more

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3.1 lbs





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All hardware needed to mount the sidestand is included. Typically installs using basic hand tools. No welding cutting or drilling of existing frame or body parts required. Tough powdercoated finish with some gray fittings or hardware as applicable. A double-retention spring is included as a safety feature to prevent the sidestand from contacting pavement if one of the two springs should fail during a ride. Designed to work with OEM components — we cannot assure fit with aftermarket exhausts or other accessories. Total weight about 3 lbs.

This is an Auto-Retract sidestand.


KTM LC4 & LC4 Adventure 640 – All Models

Normal color matching codes for sidestand:

STS.04.216.100 – dark silver-gray (all models through 1999)
STS.04.216.102 – light silver-gray (2000 – 2004 and 2005 U.S. model)
STS.04.216.101 – black (2005 European model all 2006 and later models)

Use of medium-strength liquid threadlocker is recommended on all bolts to prevent them from vibrating loose!

Fits bikes with either 21″/18″ or 17″/17″ dia. wheels.

RL Lemke a KTM LC4 owner and contributor to DualSportMagazine.com wrote a review of the product:

“I took off the optional KTM sidestand from my 2001 640 LC4 in order to again have the center stand. I bought the SW-Motech sidestand from TwistedThrottle.com. Talk about an easy install I wish I had done this in the first place. The SW-Motech side stand is an auto-up type where once weight is removed the springs lift it up and out of the way.”

A few weeks later he wrote:

“I have had the new side stand on for a while now. The side stand springs have broken-in to where I have to nudge the side stand to get it to retract. It was pretty wicked before.”

RL’s detailed photos of the product are featured on this page (click for high-resolution download).

Barry of AdvRider.com wrote on March 9 2005:
OK – I was a little annoyed to pay $99 for a kickstand. Helloooo? A kickstand. How can it be worth $100?!? Well if I want to put a bag on my rack and step off the bike I need to step off the peg so a sidestand was a necessity. But back to the freaking price tag. $100???

Well I got it today and installed it. Before I left the kitchen I was like “Damn! Now I know why that sumbitch is $100”. It’s nice. Heavy duty very thick nice welds and fits the bike perfectly. Literally a 30 second install.

If you want a sidestand grab one from SW Motech!

Note: While strong enough for use with any electric-start LC4 SW-MOTECH’s centerstand-compatible sidestand is not recommended for repeated kick starts as such use puts excessive strain on the sidestand mounting points and may eventually damage the sidestand.

Installation note
KTM’s manufacturing tolerances for the bottom mounting point for this sidestand are fairly wide. Approximately 2.5% of KTM LC4 bikes are manufactured by KTM with mounting points that do not line up with the mounting points in this SW-MOTECH sidestand. If it appears that your sidestand doesn’t line up with the holes in your bike it’s not a problem with the sidestand – it’s a problem with the bike. Should your bike be one of the lucky 2.5% please return the item to us in new unused uninstalled condition for a full refund.

If you feel adventurous and wish to attempt to modify the sidestand to fit please read on below. Modified sidestands CANNOT be returned or exchanged

SW-MOTECH sidestand modification for bikes with off-center OEM centerstand bolts
SW-MOTECH’s sidestand uses two mounting points to connect to the LC4. The bottom mounting point is the threaded end of an OEM centerstand bolt (“Bolt A”) that protrudes out of a hole in the frame of the motorcycle (“Hole A”).

The upper mounting point used by SW-MOTECH’s sidestand is a hole in the LC4’s frame (“Hole B”). Since there is no room behind Hole B to place a nut the mounting hole in the sidestand is threaded and cannot be converted into an oblong slot.

In a few KTM bikes (about 2.5% of all KTM LC4 motorcycles) Bolt A is not centered within Hole A. KTM doesn’t consider the bike “off-spec” if Bolt A and Hole A are not concentric because it doesn’t affect the use of the bike’s OEM centerstand.

When the sidestand is attached to Hole A on a bike with an off-center Bolt A it may cause the threaded hole in SW-MOTECH’s upper sidestand mount to not line up with Hole B in the bike’s frame. There are two possible solutions to this problem:
(1) Widen Hole B in the frame of the KTM; or
(2) Widen the bottom mount hole in the sidestand.

Timothy Coogan a customer that chose option 2 wrote to us on September 5 2006:
I recently purchased a kickstand for the KTM LC4. Apparently I am one of the 2.5%’ers who have a frame out of tolerance for the fastener holes to line up. The solution was to take a die grinder and remove .030 – .040 inches (0.7 to 1.0mm) from the bottom side of the hole on the kickstand where the hollow nut attaches the center stand bolt. The result was a nice snug fit. Use caution not to widen the hole too much which would result in a sloppy fit. Happy trails!

You may need to widen the hole in a different direction than Tim did depending on the direction your centerstand bolt is off-center. SW-MOTECH has not widened this sidestand mounting hole on all of its sidestands because the result would be a sloppy fit on ALL bikes.

Jon L Writes: “The side stand I ordered for my 2003 625 SXC showed up on the porch today. 15 min later it was installed with no problems whatsoever. It works great! Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price.”

Special Note:We do not recommend installing centerstands on bikes with a lowered rear suspension because use on a lowered bike may result in:

  • ground clearance & cornering clearance problems and
  • difficulty in lifting the lowered bike onto the centerstand.

Part Numbers

Variation Our Part Number Manufacturer part number Other Identifiers
Color: Silver-Gray STS.04.216.102 GTIN13 / EAN: 4052572013069


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