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  • RAM® Quick-Grip™ Wireless Charging Phone Mount with DENALI CANsmart™ Connection

DENALI RAM QI Power Cradle

DENALI Electronics teamed up with RAM® Quick-Grip™ to provide effortless plug-&-play installation of the ultimate phone mounting and charging solution!

Say goodbye to messy and tangled charging cables. Simply place your phone into the RAM® Quick-Grip™ cradle and your phone will begin charging using Qi wireless quick charging technology! The phone can remain in a sealed waterproof case during use. Use your phone as your main navigation device without worry of depleting the battery or exposing your device to the elements unnecessarily to charge! This kit takes motorcycle navigation to a whole new level with the ability to use your smart phone as your GPS device.


The DENALI kit includes the RAM® Quick-Grip™ cradle but also includes a proprietary wiring and charging harness that enables plug-&-play connection to the DENALI CANsmart. Powering your charger through our CANsmart also unlocks proprietary features only available in the DENALI kit like an electronic auto-resetting fuse and a customizable delayed time off to keep power to your phone after you switch off your bike. The DENALI direct to battery adapter also allows you to connect directly to any battery on any vehicle! If used in a car or truck you can also connect directly to any available USB port.



  • Waterproof Qi compatible wireless phone charging cradle features spring-loaded RAM® Quick-Grip™ design and 10W maximum output
  • Kit includes wireless charging cradle, B size diamond ball base, DENALI CANsmart compatible wiring harness and direct to battery wiring adapter.
  • Mount attaches to B size double socket arms
  • Made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel components, and high-strength composite for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments

About DENALI Electronics: DENALI offers premium LED lighting and electrical components for the motorcycle, powersports, and automotive industries. Safety is our number one priority. No matter your vehicle, DENALI LED lighting will help you see and be seen. https://denalielectronics.com/

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