2013 BMW R1200GS

Twisted Project Build


You don’t always have to buy a brand new bike to have a great adventure. Below is the parts outline for our 2013 Twisted BMW R1200GS. We outfitted this bike with plenty of auxiliary lighting, protection parts, luggage, and ergonomic pieces to make the bike more comfortable and safer on the road.


Utilizing the Denali CANsmart plug-n-play accessory controller, we outfitted 3 pairs of auxiliary lighting. The Denali D2’s were mounted on the crash bars, the D4’s were mounted in the standard auxiliary light position, and the DM’s were mounted just under the headlight. In addition to these very bright auxiliary lights we added a pair of the DRL Daytime Running Lights to the lower front forks to spread the light evenly throughout the front of the machine, making it easier for other drivers to notice you in traffic. As if they won’t notice you with all these lights on! We finished off our lighting setup with the B6 tail light in the rear.


Lighting Parts:


DENALI 2.0 CANsmart Plug-n-Play Controller $239

DENALI SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Motorcycle Air Horn $49.99

DENALI Horn Mounting Bracket $19.99

DENALI DRL Daytime Running Lights with Universal Fender Mounting Kit $155

DENALI D2 2.0 LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology $135 ea. with DENALI 21mm-29mm Tube Mount Kit $74.99

DENALI 2.0 D4 LED Light Pod with DataDim™ Technology $155 ea. with Denali Auxiliary Light Mounting Bracket $62.99

DENALI DM auxiliary lights in hidden under-headlight mount $314.99

DENALI B6 Auxiliary LED License Plate Brake Light $95



To make the bike more comfortable, we added a few items like handlebar risers, mirror extenders, and a larger touring windshield. The Kaoko throttle lock was a must add item, making this bike a pavement pounding warrior! Adjustable footpegs and gear shift lever round out our ergonomic improving additions. 


Ergonomic Parts:

 MRA TouringScreen Windshield $124.95


 SW-MOTECH Left & Right Side Mirror Extenders $70.95

 SW-MOTECH 40mm Handlebar Riser $154.95

 SW-MOTECH Sidestand Foot Enlarger $70.95

 SW-MOTECH GPS mount bar $139.91

 SW-MOTECH Adjustable Folding Gear Shift Lever $192.95

 SW-MOTECH EVO Foot Peg $183.90

 Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control $150.80



To keep the bike safe in the event of a tip over or crash, we installed upper and lower crash bars and cylinder head guards to protect the main body of the bike and engine. The SW-Motech skid plate protects the underside of the engine, and the option to add extensions to the front and rear of the main skid plate offers maximum protection at all times. In addition, we included KOBRA handguards with integrated turn signals to protect your hands and levers on the back roads and trails. 


Protection Parts:

SW-MOTECH Cylinder Head Guards $267.95

SW-MOTECH Headlight Guard $140.95

SW-MOTECH Lower Crash Bars $326.95

SW-MOTECH Upper Crash Bars $280.95

SW-MOTECH Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard $42.95

SW-MOTECH Skid Plate  $296.95

SW-MOTECH Front Skid Plate Extension $98.95

SW-MOTECH Rear Skid Plate Extension – On Centerstand $84.95

SW-MOTECH Radiator Guards $126.95

SW-MOTECH Front Axle Sliders $105.95

SW-MOTECH KOBRA Handguard Kit $196.95

SW-MOTECH LED Indicators For KOBRA Handguards $70.95

SW-MOTECH Rear Axle Sliders $70.95



Storing your gear can be tricky, but with the new DrySpec H35 cases, it is easy to keep your things dry and secure. They mount using A-frame adapters to the SW-Motech PRO side carriers. In addition to the side boxes, we installed a quick lock tank ring from SW-Motech which is compatible with any of their quick lock tank bags. A Dryspec tool tube was added to the back side of the left side box to store your tool kit. The hidden stash box under the license plate is a great place to keep your bike’s paperwork, tire repair kit, or other small items you don’t need often.


Luggage Parts:

DrySpec Stash Box $30

DrySpec Tool Tube $16.99

SW-MOTECH Type 306 EVO Tank Ring for use with any SW-MOTECH Quick Lock Tank Bag $42.95

DrySpec H35 A-Lock Waterproof 35L Side Case Set $698

DrySpec A-Lock Adapter Kit $114

SW-MOTECH PRO Side Carriers $354.95



Loving what we did with this bike? Good news, it’s for sale! Follow the link below to place a bid!


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