Vision X Lighting


Vision X LightingVision X was Established in 1997 with the goal to revolutionize the lighting industry. From our years building Halogen and HID lights we know how wild you guys like to ride and as off-road enthusiasts ourselves we know it is a labor of love getting your rig how you want it. We pioneered technologies such as the first internal ballasts so you don’t have to deal with the wiring fuss and have continued innovative and exclusive technology in our LED lines with things like advanced thermal management, iris reflectors and quick swapping lense covers to change beam patterns. We have people who's livelihoods or even lives rely on our products working and we take that responsibility seriously. Every light coming out of our factory has pre-packaging testing and inspections to make sure every single light works without issue. We do regular extreme batch testing as well, as seen in videos below, preforming tests our competitors only do when they are shooting a marketing video.


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