Tank & Tail Sliders


Tank & tail sliders protect some of the most vulnerable parts on your motorcycle that would contact the ground in the event of a tip over or slide. R&G produces beautiful carbon fiber pieces that are reinforced with Kevlar to enhance strength and wear through resistance. These low profile tank & tail sliders follow the natural lines of the bodywork to provide protection while complimenting aesthetics. Anyone who has had to replace or repair factory bodywork knows it can be astronomically expensive. A simple tip over or slide can easily dent, scrape or wear a hole through your factory plastics and thin alloy fuel tank possibly causing a dangerous fuel leak! These crucial protection pieces are highly recommended for the track and are also great for protecting your investment on the street. Installation is simple with the use of silicone for a secure fit that won’t damage the finish. Safeguard your motorcycle and keep it looking its best with a set of tank & tail sliders!