Lever Guards


Lever guards provide critical protection for the brake and/or clutch lever from accidental activation. Developed to improve safety on the racetrack where racers commonly swap paint and a quick elbow on the front brakes could easily launch a rider into a dangerous front flip. A lever guard for the clutch can also prevent a loss of drive that could cause a loss of control. This essential piece of safety equipment has been adopted by major racing organizations for its improvement in safety. Lever guards aren’t just for the racetrack; they reduce risk for almost all motorcycles ridden on the street. Riders who lane split or ride regularly in groups run the risk of contacting another vehicle or bumping lightly into another motorcycle. A lever guard significantly improves your ability to avoid external forces from activating the brakes or clutch. We stock kits for specific motorcycles and also offer universal fit options to fit hollow handlebars or clip ons with an inner diameter from 13-21 mm. The lever guards are available in either DuPont Xytel Nylon or extremely lightweight carbon fiber. Choose from 5 available color choices in nylon or drool at the stunning beauty of high gloss carbon fiber. Wherever or whatever you ride, make sure your motorcycle is protected with high quality lever guards!


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