Forget what you know about ear plugs. The days of squishing discolored, earwax-soaked foam plugs into your skull and waiting for them to expand are long over. No more will you experience the droning bass tones when your foam plugs touch the inside of your helmet. Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to protect your hearing in a way that doesn’t restrict your ability to hear what’s going on around you. That’s right, you’ll never miss hearing an emergency siren, or your Bluetooth driving instructions again either! You might be wondering what type of sorcery I am referring to. The answer is simple… NoNoise™ hearing protection!

NoNoise Motorsport Ear Plugs

I used to hate wearing ear plugs, with a passion. The droning noises that foam plugs made gave me more of a headache than the wind noise they were protecting me from. When using communication systems in my helmets, foam plugs only made hearing things even harder, especially when I was chatting with male riding partners who typically have deeper voices that don’t transmit over the intercom very well. Not to mention how dirty they got, and if I didn’t bring several pairs with me on a trip I would regret it. 

Maybe you also know the perils of foam ear plugs all too well… Let us introduce you to NoNoise™ ear plugs!

NoNoise Ceramic Filtration

You’re probably wondering by now, how is NoNoise™ hearing protection different from other ear plugs?

They block only what you don’t need to hear, and they’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

Most classic ear plugs usually cause a ‘blocked ears’ feeling and unnatural sound, which can be irritating and unsettling. When you constantly hear muffled sounds or feel constant pressure in your ears, it can cause a physical disturbance over time and may even diminish your balance and judgment capabilities. NoNoise™ has eliminated these effects, aiming for the highest possible user comfort.

Made of unique, specially developed SoftFit-Thermoplastic™, NoNoise™ ear plugs have a soft feel that ensures a comfortable fit, even while sleeping or wearing the ear plugs for long periods. 


NoNoise Hearing Protection

Ceramic Filtration

NoNoise™ has developed the first and only hearing protector with a ceramic, precision acoustic filter which is positioned deep within the hearing canal. The sound filters from NoNoise™ hearing protectors are made of zirconium oxide: a high-quality ceramic material that is cured in an oven at 2,700 degrees Celsius. The result is a sound channel with a super smooth inner surface that provides unsurpassed acoustic clarity, similar to the ceramic materials that are used in high-fidelity speakers. This unique feature, combined with the Venturi-shaped sound channel in the ceramic filter, ensures clear and natural sound with more precise sound control as compared to the widely used plastic filters or even worse, foam earplugs.

Because the NoNoise™ hearing protection ceramic filter is deeply positioned in the hearing canal, harmful sounds cannot slip by the filter, as is the case with many other filter-equipped ear plugs. This revolutionary design produces optimal sound attenuation, whereby all harmful sound waves are stopped and filtered before they reach the eardrums. An additional benefit is that NoNoise™ ear plugs are highly durable. They keep their pre-formed shape much better than foam ear plugs, resulting in longer life.

NoNoise Hearing Protection

  1. Unique Venturi-shaped sound channel centrally located in the filter
  2. Ceramic filter, tuned to a specific sound variety and positioned in the ear, not outside as with other products.
  3. Allows normal conversation flowing through while the volume of noise is effectively reduced, so no ‘blocked ears’ (occlusion) effect.
  4. Tri-sectional design for ultimate wearer comfort, fits all ages.
  5. silicone-free, hypoallergenic thermoplastic material.

NoNoise Hearing Protection

NoNoise™ hearing protection offers a unique design for every need.


Wind noise on a motorcycle has distinctly different frequency characteristics from, say, live concert music, where NoNoise™ Music/party plugs would be the right choice. That is why we have developed unique ear plugs for a variety of situations, to prevent hearing damage. Our hearing protectors are selectively tuned for each circumstance to give you optimal protection. Ear plugs are available for both recreational and professional use.


Seriously, give a pair of NoNoise™ ear plugs a try. You’ll probably fall in love with them. I know I did, and now I have a pair in the front pocket of every riding jacket I own. If you shoot, you’ll also want to add a pair of the shooting NoNoise™ to your range bag. And if you are a music lover, you’ll want a pair of the NoNoise™ Music as well. Eventually you’ll end up with all of them, so you can protect your hearing for years to come!

NoNoise Motorsport

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