Meet the Twisted Crew

Take a minute to get to know the, dare we say, masterminds, behind all things Twisted Throttle! From the folks answering calls to shipping your packages and everything in between, enjoy learning all about the people who truly put the ‘Twisted’ in Twisted Throttle. Introducing… The Twisted Crew!

Erik S

Erik S.

Founder & CEO

Erik, a.k.a. Mr. Twisted, is the founder of this asylum and keeps the place running like a well oiled machine (don’t ask what type of machine…)! Of the many Twisted Bikes, Erik’s favored trackday toy is the 2012 Triumph Street Triple R. After graduating from the University of Delaware Erik quickly learned that moonlighting as a trombone player in a rock and jazz band while consulting for a law firm just wasn’t the life for him. Apparently you can’t wear race leathers to a board meeting without co-workers nicknaming you “the Terminator.””Trading in the 5 wheels on his corporate office chair for 2, Erik has now been able to ride on every continent on Earth with the exception of Antarctica (possible?). With adventures like that under his belt, “Mr Twisted” knows what we sell and how it works in all sorts of riding conditions.

Twisted since June 2002

Leonard M

Leonard M.


Len has 25 years of experience in finance/operations. He’s been a VP at a plastic manufacturing company, a divisional CFO of a $1b software division and he’s worked as a post bankruptcy fiscal officer appointed by a federal judge to provide administrative & fiscal oversight of Central Falls, RI.
Len started out riding dirt bikes as a kid and then bought a new 2004 Yamaha V-Star 1100 which he recently sold for a new 2018 Heritage Classic. He’s put about 75,000 miles since 2004.
Len’s hobbies include smoking cigars, riding his Harley-Davidson and shooting his guns. Fun fact: he’s also a FAA Certified Flight Instructor II.

Twisted since November 2018

Marisa McInturff_ 20201103_ 0003-2 (1)

Nate B.

Director of Design

Nate is our in-house product designer from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Master of all things metal, as well as doing crafty graphic illustrations and catalog creation, Nate is a chronic Jeep modifier and is learning to speak German so he can play nice with our European suppliers. Nate’s current ride is a Suzuki DRZ400SM supermoto. Since purchase, he’s built more new toys for that bike than any other. We think he’s biased.

Twisted since June 2008

Marisa M

Marisa M.

Marketing Manager

Marisa started at Twisted as a Gear Scout and over the years shifted roles a few times, landing in the hot seat of all things Marketing and Web Content! She has been riding motorcycles nearly her whole life, starting on dirtbikes as a kid and eventually progressing to the street. She has competed in a variety of off-road racing events and enjoys long distance motorcycle travel.
She’s an Orange-Kool-Aid-drinkin’, high-octane-sniffin’, adventure-seekin’, gravel-roostin’ kinda gal!
Things we don’t know about her? She has an adorable cat named Duke (yes, after the KTM)… Of course.

Twisted since November 2016

Ron S

Ron S.

Director of Sales

Our Sales Director is not only a drummer in a promising local band and a fan of Clown Loaches but he’s also an avid motorcyclist with a weakness for European machinery.
With a rare 1994 Ducati 900CR and 2016 Moto Guzzi Griso, Ron’s garage is never without character. (Or an oil stain.) His Triumph Bonneville should help keep things in order.
Ron joins us after 25 years in wholesale paint and hardware distribution.

Twisted since December 2016

Rajat G 2

Rajat G.

Supply Chain Manager

Rajat loves karting, mini-golf and race cars when he is not crunching numbers.
And yes, we are including his 100cc scooter as motorcycle experience! Rajat has worked as a lead in business process development and integration of software into business processes for a major distributor in India.
As a hobby, Rajat enjoys to dabble in portrait and monochrome photography. Oh, and now he lives in Canada!

Twisted since June 2018

Darwin C

Darwin C.

Customer Service Manager

Darwin loves to drink milk and play piano (and by play I mean learn). I love watching basketball and boxing. I am one of those bandwagon LeBron fans (so that means I’m currently a fan of the Lakers). My favorite boxer is Big George Foreman. I am also passionate about video games.
Darwin has not owned a motorcycle but is gaining more and more interest everyday.
Darwin was a Resident Advisor at URI for 3 years and worked at the YMCA for a little more than a year. As an interesting fact, he has been to Vegas five times since the age of 16. All five times were for video game tournaments!

Twisted since July 2018

Justin P

Justin P.

Warehouse Manager

“J.P.” is our mad man in the warehouse! This guy started out packing boxes and now he manages the place. Goes to show: Do something really well for a long time and people start to notice! And even offer a reward or two.
Not only did JP move up the ladder, he’s been instrumental in getting our warehouse running on state-of-the-art inventory management tools that should speed shipping and make his already immaculate inventory control just that much better.

Twisted since July 2011

Nick S

Nick S.

Logistics Specialist

Nick is our company beserker and the guy who keeps the orders flowing to the warehouse. When he is not wrestling computers, he can be heard rumbling through the countryside on his HD Sportster or Pontiac TransAm.

Twisted since August 2006

Greg G

Greg G.

DENALI Product Developer

Greg grew up on dirt bikes, ATV’s and all other things motorized! He joined Twisted Throttle in 2010 as a shipper in the warehouse, moved to customer service, then on to working in our Product Development department as he completed his engineering degree.
Do you like the bike-specific Denali light mount on your motorcycle? Chances are good that Greg designed, fabricated the prototype, and test-fitted the part before it ever arrived in the FedEx truck.

Twisted since February 2010

John E

John E.

Senior Buyer

John is one of our hard working Purchasing guys. “I started riding at the age of 6, and have been going since. That’s a little over 40 years of life on two wheels. In that time, the stable has included mounts from Yamaha, Kawasaki, Can-Am, Rokon, Triumph, and Ducati, with my latest ride an ST4S.” John’s done numerous track days and raced hare-scrambles, dirt drags, motocross, and hill climbs.
Before joining Twisted Distributing, John was the General Manager of the Hard Rock Cafe and Retail Store in Foxwoods Casino, the largest casino in North America. “The move to Twisted offers me an exciting opportunity to combine my profession with my lifelong passion for motorcycling.”

Twisted since December 2016

Antony D

Antony D.

Dealer Sales Specialist

Antony is responsible for French Canadian support and Export Dealer Sales for Twisted Distributing. Born in France, Antony spent his first 30 years living in the French Pyrenees in the southwest region of the country. The Pyrenees mountains link the Atlantic to the Mediterranean along the border with Spain.
Before moving to the U.S., he had a 2002 Yamaha FZ1.
“Coming to the U.S. and working for Twisted Throttle gives me the opportunity to merge my love of motorcycles with a career at one of America’s leading distributors.”
We’re trying to get Antony to teach us how to cuss in French, but he’s too much of a gentleman to do so. Merde!

Twisted since June 2017

Josh L

Josh L.

Social Media Manager

When Josh is not deploying emails or generating hilarious and #relatable social content for everyone to enjoy he is probably kayak fishing in his Perception Pescador Pro 100 with his Silky Terrier, Golfing, Geocaching (look it up), hiking with his beautiful wife or building something. He enjoys the outdoors and being off the grid, so if you can’t find him tucked behind his desk in the chilly air conditioning, you probably won’t be able to find him.
Josh has been riding since 2016 and currently owns a ‘13 Kawasaki Ninja 300, which has been fun, but it’s time to move on to something a little bigger & possibly transition into the ADV space! Josh has worked in a vast number of fields and roles over the last 11 years. Some industries in which he has worked include: frame to finish construction, concrete products manufacturing, heavy machine operation, protective & designer eyewear, musical instruments and now the World of Motorcycles.
To the best of his knowledge, Josh is the only Senior Class President to be impeached at his High School. His favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption. He also was once ranked in the Top 10% of Tetris on Wii in the world and obsessed with Buffalo Wings.

Twisted since June 2019

Arielle G

Arielle G.

Web Content Specialist

Throughout the week Arielle mostly teaches herself code because she is a nerd and it’s fun. She also does almost everything while listening to music (genres across the spectrum). Arielle also hangs with her dog who demands all the attention always!
She has always been fascinated by motorcycles but never had the chance to pursue riding. She is looking forward to getting her motorcycle license in the spring.
Arielle coached adult and children’s tennis camps for 4 summers before and throughout college. Before moving out here from New York, she worked as an assistant purchaser and ecommerce manager at a music store that specializes in brass and woodwind instruments and accessories. Arielle also played competitive tennis for 13 years and was captain on the UMass tennis team her senior year.

Twisted since August 2018

Vanessa P

Vanessa P.

Junior Buyer

Vanessa started as our very organized shipper/receiver, and now coordinates purchasing and order fulfillment logistics. She also compiles excellent & detailed notes that make all our lives easier and helps the shipping department run like a well-oiled machine. She is an OCT (Ontario Certified Teacher) and whips up all kinds of beautiful homemade hair accessories and cards. She’s the craftiest Canadian we have ever met! She currently rides an TTR125L.

Twisted since June 2016

Chris A

Chris A.

Technical Support Specialist

Chris answers all things technical and is your order taking mastermind. He is a Canadian guru of all things motorcycle.
He spends spare time trying to make his DRZ400 fly. Other favorite toys include a Harley TL1000, V Star, YZ and the list goes on…this guy REALLY loves to ride.

Twisted since May 2011

Keith G

Keith G.

Technical Support Specialist

Keith is our intimidating Beard-O… that is until he cracks a grin. He has been riding since he was a mere 12 (presumably with a full beard then too) with an affinity for MX/Touring/Dual Sport bikes. One time, at bike camp, he saw a Superman cape in the middle of the road, picked it up with his foot and wore it for three straight days.
Keith is one of our customer service experts.
He has Type-O Negative blood. (Random fact alert.)

Twisted since October 2015

Alex Steele

Alex S.

Customer Service Representative

When he is not working, you’ll find Alex playing Playstation 4, swimming in the pool, riding jet-skis on the pond, drawing, and playing Pokémon. He used to spend his time working on or driving his Jeep Wrangler TJ, but she got totaled. Now he spends his time trying to get another!
Alex was always fascinated with dirt bikes and motorcycles. His father has always had at least one bike, sparking his fascination before he could hold my own head up. Alex has yet to own an actual street bike, but he is hoping to get a KLR or a KTM sometime soon. He always thought he would get a Harley, but getting off the road is too enticing.
Alex has worked in Customer Service, from working in retail to overseeing Military Relocations at the 3rd largest moving company in the US. He has also been a CNC Machinist, a forklift operator, an installer of Satellite TV systems at customers’ homes and businesses, and worked at GameStop. Interestingly, Alex was once one of the Top 25 players in the world in Factions, the multiplayer portion of the game ‘The Last Of Us’. Now he anxiously awaits ‘The Last Of Us 2′

 Twisted since March 2019

Gary G

Gary G.

Customer Service Representative

Gary enjoys taking the dirt bike out into the trails, playing all kinds of video games, camping, throwing knives, and going out to play pool/darts. Gary has ridden tons of motorcycles: from dirt bikes, to Ninjas to Harley Street Glides. He currently has an 01 KX125 and an old 1986 Yamaha Radian (not exactly running anymore).
Gary has worked at Mulligan’s Island mowing lawns and doing maintenance, at a gym working as an attendant, and bar backing/bartending at a casino. Let’s just say that he is more than happy to finally be at a job he enjoys!

Twisted since April 2019

Brendan Y

Brendan Y.

Customer Service Representative

Brendan has all the tricks. This guy started riding as a wee lad. During his tenure in SLC for college he became a sick stunt rider in the midst of some super hard studying. At the time being, he rides a Victory Magnum and a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R, but dreams of moving on up to something “outrageous and custom”. Brendan comes to our customer service department with a long history in the Trade Show world. So basically, he knows all the things.
He has two golden retrievers that are probably pretty cute.

Twisted since October 2015

Ian W

Ian W.

Customer Service Representative

Outside of work Ian likes to play and watch sports, and spend time with his family and friends.
Ian does not currently ride, but his father has always had Harley Davidsons so Ian has been around bikes his whole life. He is hoping to learn to start riding this upcoming spring. He graduated from Roger Williams University in May 2018 with a degree in Media Communications. He also has previously worked for his university’s athletic department, doing landscaping, and for a Dunkin Donuts.
Ian once studied abroad in Florence, Italy and got to travel to different parts of Europe his Junior year of college.

Twisted since July 2019

Phil D

Phil D.

Warehouse Crew

Phil is an MOFW (man of few words) but a fan of colorful t-shirt slogans. When not roaming our warehouse looking for mysteriously stacked motorcycle parts, he enjoys reading, playing games, and watching movies. He would not elaborate which. No, he would not.

Twisted since October 2016

Glen B.

Glen B.

Warehouse Crew

Glen is a silent storm in the warehouse.
He is the king of assembling parts that go with other parts so that you get a package that you didn’t even know used to be in pieces.
He rides a Victory Kingpin like a boss with the presence of Pitbull the rapper… until you hear him talk and he’s just really the nicest guy. Like ever. Glen says he has no interesting stories about him to tell. We don’t believe him for a second…

Twisted since June 2016

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Even though Dereck is no longer with us, “Chappy” will always be part of the Twisted crew… Always.

Twisted since January 2008

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It’s hard to improve on perfection but Twisted Throttle seems to do it all the time
Daniel W.Customer since 5/28/18
Keith did a great job answering all of my questions , was very thorough and also sent me links so I could visually look at what we just discussed excellent customer service. Thanks Brian
Brian S.Customer since 6/8/19
Brendan covered the issue, explained the solutions as well as possible consequences. He realized there was an issue with the wrong parts and extended the solution to getting the correct ones. Also mentioned how the return would be handled, how long it may take. Hope that it all works out, but I think it will.
Bruce F.Customer since 11/25/18
Better then great. Totally awesome. He knew what I needed to know and was a great guy. You guys have outfitted my DR, KLR, Tenere, Versys, and now my FJ09. With staff like Keith I will be your customer forever.
Gary B.Customer since 3/1/18
Excellent – responded within 24 hrs. Best of all, the answer was what I wanted to hear:-) Thanks for a great product and great support.
Steven R.Customer since 5/16/17

Here at Twisted Throttle we eat, sleep and breathe motorcycles! Most of us reside in the beautiful state of Rhode Island, but we also have team members in Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts and even Canada!

Collectively, the Twisted Crew has owned over 275 motorcycles and has logged hundreds of thousands of miles in the saddle. The crew averages 15 years of motorcycling experience per person. Where have we ridden on our motorcycles? Some of the crews most memorable destinations/trips include: Alaska, France, Colorado mountain passes, the Pacific Northwest, Daytona Bike Week, Deals Gap, Ecuador, Sturgis, racing at Daytona, the North East Backcountry Discovery Route, Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Trans Canadian Trail, New Mexico BDR, Southern California tour, Arkansas Ozarks, Kentucky Adventure Trail and more! And 4 of us are members of the Iron Butt Association!