Return to our ROOTS

March 25-28, 2021

Riders participating in the 2021 March Moto Madness “Return to our ROOTS” virtual rally will be eligible for many great prizes from Twisted Throttle & DENALI Electronics through our scavenger hunt photo contest!

The Prizes:

  • $50 Gift Card to
  • $75 Gift Card to
  • $100 Gift Card to
  • $50 Gift Card to
  • $75 Gift Card to
  • $100 Gift Card to
  • DrySpec D38 drybag!
  • Grand Prize – DENALI D2 LED Lighting Kit!

The Rules:

  • To be eligible, you must first register for the virtual March Moto Madness event! You can do so HERE.
  • When registering you will be given the option to purchase a MMM T-shirt. This is encouraged but not required.
  • After registering through the GS Giants website, you will be emailed a copy of the official 2021 Photo Contest print out.
  • When you take your photo, printable page needs to be visible in order to get credit. You and your bike have to be in it too!
  • Photos can be submitted here on this page between March 25th and April 1st.
  • Each photo submitted will earn you a chance to have your name drawn from the bucket. Multiple photos means multiple entries.
  • Photos not including the print out page will not count. Be sure they are visible!
  • Each person should make a SINGLE submission via this page – if you are submitting multiple images, please do so in a .zip file.
  • Multiple form submissions will be void.
  • Be sure to title each photo according to which tag you are claiming!
  • ***You get an EXTRA entry if there is a Twisted Throttle sticker clearly visible somewhere in your photos! You get another EXTRA entry if you have DENALI Electronics LED lights on your bike in the photos!
  • If posting any of your images on social media, be sure to tag @twistedthrottle!

Photo Opportunities:

  • Photo of you riding through snow or ice!
  • You and your crew at your MMM ’21 camp site!
  • A HUGE pinecone strapped to your bike.
  • Riding with wildlife.
  • Jumping your motorcycle.
  • Your MMM ’21 crew in the woods.
  • Your MMM ’21 crew in the desert.
  • Your MMM ’21 crew on top of a mountain.
  • Your MMM ’21 crew at the beach.
  • Having lunch at a mom & pop restaurant.
  • The prairie dog.
  • An abandoned building in the middle of nowhere.
  • Stuck in the mud!
  • Sasquatch in the wild!
  • Victorious stance after a not so victorious get-off.
  • Your bike all loaded up with camping gear.
  • Deep water crossing.
  • Bike recovery! (oops)
  • Trash clean up while out on the road/trail.
  • An odd statue.
  • Clearing the trail.
  • A giant rock.
  • A giant tree.
  • Dam it! (next to a dam)
  • Flowers in bloom.
  • A waterfall.
  • A covered bridge.
  • Cactus.
  • The highest altitude!

Submit your photos here!

*Please read all the rules before submitting your photos

* By submitting photos to this contest you are agreeing to receive marketing emails from Twisted Throttle. You are also giving Twisted Throttle and March Moto Madness the ability to share your photos publicly.