Innovv K2 Camera & Denali CANsmart Installation

With all the craziness happening out on the roads today, more drivers are opting to film their commute using dash cams. Dash cameras offering loop-recording video have been around for cars for a while now, but it can be difficult to use these systems on a motorcycle due to the extreme environmental conditions. Recording with a GoPro or other action camera is a possibility, but limits you with available storage space. The Innovv dash cameras are the answer for motorcyclists! The camera is small and weather-proof, installs easily on the front or rear of the bike, records video as well as location and speed, can transmit location back to family and friends following your journey, and offers a large storage capacity for footage and data. Many riders are installing these camera systems on their bikes, so we wanted to show you how to install this system in conjunction with the DENALI CANsmart. 


  1. The red and black wires from the K2 must go directly to the battery, only the yellow wire can be connected to the CANsmart. The camera needs to be connected to constant power (battery) so that it will properly shut down and save the last recorded clip.
  2. The yellow is to be connected to the positive wire of one circuit on the CANsmart. 
  3. Open the CANsmart software and set the circuit to “simple circuit over-ride”.


Mating connectors for a plug and play installation can be found here:

For use with Circuit 1 & 2 or newer gen2 cansmarts

For use with Circuit 3 & 4 for the older cansmarts

**The Innovv K2 cameras are not available through Twisted Throttle, but can be purchased through the manufacturer website HERE.

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