How to Protect Paint on Your Motorycle

When we talk about motorcycle protection, the first products that come to mind are things like crash bars, engine case covers, axle and bar-end sliders, or even frame sliders.  Now these are all worthy products, but what about your motorcycles paint?

Stones thrown up from the road can ding parts of your fairing, while sand and other debris can take the paint right off the forks and lower fenders.  BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way!

What is Second Skin Paint Protection?

R&G’s Second Skin system is a polyurethane film that comes for a wide range of bikes.  So far, there are applications for more than 60 different models, with even more on the way.  In fact, if you own a late-model sportbike or a popular BMW, you’re already covered. The Second skin system is less than 1mm thick making it nearly invisible on your bike, and is also UV protected in order to prevent yellowing over time.  

The best part of R&G’s system is that each piece is precision cut to fit each bike, making installation a breeze. Check out the above for more info about the Second Skin system, as well as a walk through from our experts on how-to actually install the system onto our company R1200GS.  

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