The all-new DENALI DRL (Daytime Running Light) kit allows installation of a single DENALI DRL pod with a flush fitment on any flat surface of your motorcycle for maximum visibility toward oncoming traffic. They’re waterproof, built to chill, and have a low profile that will keep you visible. The purpose of the DRL is very straightforward. It was made to produce the maximum amount of light from the slimmest housing. How slim is it? When flush mounted it will only stick out an additional 3/8 inch.

DENALI DRL Applications

So you might be wondering what you could do with a light like this. The applications are almost limitless. Since the intensity can run at 50% or 100% individually, OR run at 50/100 and function like a tail light/high beam, there’s a lot you can do. With the clear lens, you could run them as daytime running lights on the front of your bike, with the high and low intensities tied to the high beam function, or you could run them full bore all the time. You could opt for amber lenses for ideal conspicuity day or night. With that in mind, you could mount these anywhere! Side cases, hand guards, anywhere your imagination allows. And if that fails you, there are two other options.

First is a fender mount system that includes two pods, two brackets, and all the hardware you need to mount to most motorcycle front fenders. Second is a universal offset mounting kit, which also includes two pods and two mounts with flat mounting tabs. Pretty much anywhere that has a bolt is fair game. So that’s it: The DENALI DRLs are simple to wire, easy to mount, and an affordable way to increase your visibility on the road or on the trail. Check out the video below and leave a comment if you have any questions!

Denali DRL Overview Video

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