Coupons and Discounts


Twisted Throttle coupon codes can be used for both phone orders and web orders. When making your purchase through the shopping cart, enter your coupon code during checkout. Invalid or expired discounts will not be honored.

Group Discounts

The following discounts cannot be applied to orders containing items that are on sale and they cannot be combined with other coupons. Twisted Throttle offers a 10% discount to:

  • MSF instructor discounts (active instructors only)
  • Motorcycle Industry Journalists (test riders, writers, and editors working for nationally marketed media organizations) acquiring items for personal use

Upon request, we will provide packets of free reflective “Twisted Throttle” safety stickers to MSF instructors when placing an order so that they may be distributed to MSF students.

Discounts are intended for use outfitting bikes owned by the industry professionals listed above. Written proof of current employment in these positions is required to be submitted prior to placing your order to receive this discount. Twisted Throttle LLC reserves the right to extend this discount on a limited case-by-case basis.

If you’re interested in an industry professional or MSF instructor discount, submit your request via our Contact Us page. To verify discount eligibility, please provide an image of your current MSF ID card,or proof of employment as a powersports industry professional.

Journalists seeking items for a product review for publication (rather than personal use) should state the name of the magazine and describe the project so that we can route the request to our marketing department.

  • U.S. & Canadian Military Personnel (Verifypass registration required)
  • First Responders (Verifypass registration required)