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The DENALI Electronics CANsmart accessory manager has seen several updates over the last few years, with the most recent software update released on 3/16/20. If you aren’t familiar with the CANsmart device, continue reading below. For those of you who currently use the device and are interested in what the latest software update entails, skip to the section labeled CANsmart Software Update v2003.1.


DENALI Electronics

So… What exactly is the DENALI CANsmart? 


The DENALI CANsmart is a CANbus controller that provides plug & play connection and intelligent control of aftermarket and OEM accessories right from your bikes original switches. The DENALI Accessory Manager Software allows you to set parameters for the control of each circuit depending on the type of accessory you are using and how you want it to behave. Simply connect the CANsmart™ Controller to your bike’s diagnostic port to access over 35 programmable accessory settings that provide intelligent control of factory passing lamps, auxiliary lights, horns, brake lights, or any other accessory you can imagine. The four accessory circuits are electronically fused and can provide up to 25 peak amps (10 amps continuous).

The system is designed to work perfectly with the DENALI Electronics LED accessories (aux lights, brake lights, running lights, etc) and the SoundBomb Air Horn. All the DENALI accessories are an easy plug & play connection. Non-DENALI accessories can still be used with the CANsmart, although you will need to cut the plugs in order to wire on the third party light/accessory. If you don’t wish to cut the plug off, there are DENALI pigtails available separately for just a few dollars.

The DENALI CANsmart is available for select BMW, KTM, and Harley Davidson motorcycles.



What are the benefits of using the DENALI CANsmart?


  • Independent and customized control of each electrical accessory on the motorcycle.
  • Flash to pass (auxiliary lights)
  • Customized dimming modes controlled through the OEM high/low beam switch (auxiliary lights)
  • Modulation (auxiliary lights)
  • Inverse flash with hazards (auxiliary lights)
  • Strobe when horn active (auxiliary lights)
  • Inverse flash with turn signals (auxiliary lights)
  • Solid, continuous flash, or California legal flash brake light (Brake applied)
  • Flash brake light on deceleration (engine braking)
  • Additional accessory power (simple circuit)
  • Plug & play with all DENALI Electronics accessories
  • 3rd party accessory compatibility (slight modification)
  • Delay time out
  • Electronically fused and can provide up to 25 peak amps (10 amps continuous)

The CANsmart Software

As mentioned above, the DENALI Accessory Manager Software allows you to set parameters for the control of each circuit depending on the type of accessory you are using and how you want it to behave. 13 circuit functions are given for a variety of  auxiliary lights, brake light, horn, standard accessories, turn signals, and run/brake/turn lights.

The DENALI CANsmart software is easy to use from your laptop computer, just plug it in and set it up! Default settings are a great place to start, then by using a variety of slider bars and toggle switches, you can fine tune the optional settings to fit your needs. With the 13 potential circuit functions for you to choose from, creating a completely customizable setup is quite easy. Simple circuit override will allow you to use any circuit in an open/closed fashion for other accessories you might want to attach (think GPS, heated grips, or charging outlet).


CANsmart Software Update v2003.1

(Applies to KTM units as well as all other GEN II units. Some restrictions apply.) 

DENALI CANsmart Software

Turn Signal Updates:

  • With the new update, full turn signal functionality has been activated. You can now set auxiliary lights to flash as a turn signal. Previously, the auxiliary lights were only able to cancel with a turn signal (flash inversely). This new setting is ideal when running lights with amber lenses, as they can act solely as the turn signal.
  • There is a new standard turn signal function which allows plug & play connection of left and right turn signals.
  • There is a new run/brake/turn rear signal function which provides run/brake/turn functionality to any red light. An example of this would be plugging in a dual B6 kit which would allow the two brake lights to act as running/brake lights as well as rear turn signals.

DENALI CANsmart Software

Brake Light Updates:

  • The deceleration activated brake feature on the DENALI CANsmart has been updated to be less sensitive. This works much better now! Many of our customers gave feedback that the brake was almost impossible to activate from engine braking alone. With this update, engine braking without brake pedal/lever input should still activate the brake light strobe.

DENALI CANsmart Software

New Diagnostic Testing Features:

  • You can now test the light circuits and dim them up and down without any connection to a vehicle. This will allow us and customers to definitively confirm that a DENALI CANsmart device is working properly. It can also be used to demo a CANsmart using a laptop – a feature many dealers will be excited to use!

Software update (Released 3/16/2020):

Windows Download (v2003.1 – Released 3/16/2020)

Mac Download (v2003.1 – Released 3/16/2020)

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