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Canadian customers can now shop directly on! The .ca and .com sites are now merged into one shopping experience that covers the US and Canada in its entirety. This has created a more simple shopping experience for all customers, and quicker delivery times to Canadian residences.  

Rest assured that Twisted Throttle is the same company we have always been! We have retained our Canadian staff and they will still answer the phone when you call. This is simply an update to the current Twisted Throttle operating methods (now a single website and single warehouse). This means we can better serve ALL customers with a less complex approach.

New features on

  • Larger selection of in-stock products
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Pre-cleared FedEx shipments – NO customs clearance fees
  • Quicker delivery time on a larger number of products
  • Domestic Canadian return address
  • Lower average product pricing to Canadian customers


Frequently Asked Questions & Comments:

Does this mean I will pay more for my order?

Nope! All orders for American and Canadian customers are placed in USD. Since we aren’t absorbing the exchange risk by converting to CAD, the prices Canadians pay will now be lower (on average) than before. You will likely notice that several of your favorite products are now actually less expensive in Canadian dollars than they were in the past.

Canadian customers will pay any applicable sales taxes (GST, HST, and PST) as well as any applicable duties*, during checkout directly on We calculate this for you, and it is all included in your checkout total.

*Most motorcycle parts are duty free, but some items we sell (primarily tires, luggage, and apparel) are dutiable when imported to Canada from the USA (if not made in the USA).  Hard parts (like skid plates, crash bars, racks, frame sliders, etc) are duty free even if not made in the USA. A vast majority of the products we sell fall into the “duty free” category. Duties, if applicable, will show up as taxes during checkout – there are no hidden fees or bills post-delivery.


Will shipping cost more?

No, shipping will not cost more. All orders over $49 will ship free to Canadian residences via FedEx International Economy, which delivers to most Canadian addresses in 3-6 days.

Will FedEx send me a large bill upon delivery of my order?

No – you won’t receive a bill from FedEx after the fact. We have negotiated FREE customs clearance by FedEx! What does this mean exactly? Typically, Canadian customers would be charged around 20% in fees just to clear a FedEx shipment through customs – on top of applicable duties! With this negotiation in place, we have pre-cleared all FedEx shipments to Canada which means there are NO customs clearance fees for you to deal with.

Due to our new shipping methods and the fact that we now have more product availability, Canadian customers can expect quicker shipping on their orders. No more waiting for us to send parts between US and Canadian warehouses – the parts are shipped directly to you from the very beginning. Expected delivery time to Canadian residences will be 3-6 days – with NO customs clearance fees!

Returns are easy as well – we have a Canadian address set up for all returns, thus avoiding the complexity of an international return shipment.

Bottom line… Canadian customers ONLY pay for what is displayed in the shopping cart. No additional fees will be required upon delivery when using FedEx as a shipping method.


Will we be able to ship our order via Canada Post?

Our website does NOT currently have the ability to take orders to ship via USPS / Canada Post, but we’re working on it.

If you choose USPS / Canada post as your shipping method, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will charge you a customs clearance fee (currently $9.95 CAD) upon delivery of your package, as well as GST/HST/PST and any applicable duties. This shipping method is typically slower and more expensive than the FedEx methods we’ve implemented, so we suggest giving FedEx a try.


Are you still operating a Canadian company?

Nothing has changed in regards to our company structure. We still have all our Canadian employees, and we are still doing business in Canada. This change simply affects the number of warehouses and websites we operate. We are making it easier for our team to operate efficiently, which means we will be able to make improvements quicker than ever. Now that we are operating out of a single warehouse, we have a larger selection of in-stock products that can make it to Canadian customers quicker than ever.


Will my Twisted Points or Gift Cards from be usable on

Don’t worry, we have you covered! “Twisted Points” previously earned on have been converted to USD and transferred over to “Twisted Cash” on Gift Cards previously purchased on have been converted to USD and transferred over to Gift Cards with the same gift card code on




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  1. I ordered a pair of tires, they arrived at my door in Ontario in 3 days. No duty, no broker fee, no service charges, just the advertised price plus HST.

  2. Good move

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