When Frank Zieger was a 19 year old metalworker in 2005 he was faced with a problem: What to do about the plastic license plate holder on his motorcycle? His ambition to improve on the status-quo drove him to create a better one, out of metal. Without knowing at the time, this was the beginning of Zieger Motorcycle Products. Frank crafted his first product ideas and designs in his mother’s basement. Then came a move to a small garage in Dresden, Germany where he produced his first motorcycle accessories. Some of Zieger’s first products were manufactured by a job shop. But as the business gradually grew, he decided to produce them in-house.  In two years time, Frank bought his own metal bending machine, and hired the first employee.


From Humble Beginnings to High-Tech Manufacturing

From luggage racks and motorcycle center stands to engine protection bars, the company began to design and produce useful motorcycle accessories. In a short time, Zieger was able to offer its customers everything from a single source: from metal cutting and bending, to welding. Frank even gave names to the first machines: “Bärbel”, “Derrick” and “Herbert” are no longer frequently used in production, as there are newer models. However, they are still on the factory floor today. “So we can always see where we come from, how it all started.” Frank says.

Soon thereafter, Zieger moved into its own 24,000 square-foot production facility, complete with solid-state laser technology, with enough space for attached office, product conception, picking and warehouse. But by 2018 things were already getting cramped thanks to new additions of technologies such as tube lasers, a welding robot for even more precise welding, and a turning and milling machine. It soon became apparent that the current location was too small after only 5 years. There was a lack of storage capacity and an in-house powder coating plant would bring the last missing production element in-house.


Cutting Edge Facilities

Zieger broke ground on its current production facility at Pirna in summer of 2019. In addition to a considerably enlarged storage area, a powder coating plant was installed, which expands Ziegers manufacturing depth. This allows Zieger to offer its protection products in a variety of colors! Today, all processes of production are completed in-house (except aluminum anodizing).

 From humble beginnings, today there are more than 4,000 different products in the Zieger catalog. Currently 35 employees commit to the mission statement of What distinguishes us are our own ideas. Once a new motorcycle model becomes available Zieger starts on the process of accessory development. Currently there are four employees dedicated to the product development department, and depending on how many products are designed for a particular model, development takes 1-6 weeks.


3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Twisted Throttle is proud to partner with Zieger and offer its products to the North American market. All Zieger products come with a 3-year warranty and the friendly customer service that you have come to expect from a partnership with Twisted Throttle! The ambition to make something better and craft strong, reliable motorcycle accessories has served Zieger well over the years and we believe that same ambition will serve you well as you outfit your bike with Zieger products, available exclusively at TwistedThrottle.com.

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