If you’ve been riding long enough, you’ve heard the screech of tires behind you as a distracted motorist discovers, almost too late, that you’ve stopped in front of him. It’s then you either appreciate your own conspicuity or get religion about adding some.

That’s where the DENALI B6 Tail Light comes in. It’s true that DENALI introduced this light late last year but after road testing prototypes, we weren’t totally happy. The result of a substantial redesign is a light that is twice as bright as before and capable of running as both a brake light and a running light.

The durable, surface-mount LEDs are 1 watt each (double the original version) and provide a tremendous amount of light, far more than most stock brake lights—definitely enough to get the attention of distracted drivers and decrease your chances of getting rear ended.

Mounting the B6 is simple. those six LEDs are fitted to a substantial aluminum base designed to fit a wide range of license plate types thanks to slotted mounting holes. The B6 can be mounted above or below the plate–whichever works best on your motorcycle. and it’s fully waterproof, so no worries about spray from the rear tire.

For motorcycles that can’t use the DENALI CANsmart Accessory Controller, the B6 operates at two intensity levels–full intensity when the brake light twiis on and about half intensity as just a running light. It’s up to you how to wire the B6 into your bike. you can choose to run either level independently, you don’t have to use both circuits. Installation is a simple matter of connecting the black wire to ground, the red wire to the tail light circuit, and the orange wire to the brake light.

If your motorcycle has a DENALI CANsmart, you have additional options. The CANsmart reads your bike’s CAN-BUS system and, on many BMWs, allows for a modulated tail light for even more conspicuity. The B6 is a plug-and-play installation for all new CANsmarts—all the wiring is in the newly delivered kits—but if you already have a CANsmart installed, it’s a simple two-wire installation. Connect the CANsmart to the orange wire on the B6 to gain maximum illumination and let the CANsmart handle dimming and flashing the B6.

Whether you use the B6 with a CANsmart or as a standalone product on any 12-volt motorcycle, you can take to public roads knowing that you have one more way to be seen from behind.

How To Install And Wire The Denali B6

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