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The moon’s army of darkness fell upon the sky, covering the hilly terrain like a frigid wave. The warmth of the sun faded into the night as nocturnal beasts began to roam. The tide of the moon’s battle with the last light slowly moved in its favor as dusk faded into the shadows. Out here in the wilderness the moon was the only source of illumination, through the constant warfare between our solar soldier and the darkness of the universe. With great zeal, a mercenary and his valiant steed crept out of the night in a courageous attack from behind enemy lines wearing the D2 insignias of the solar soldier.

The Tenere700’s weapon of choice against the army of darkness was provided by a General of the solar soldier’s armed forces and tamer of stellar illumination: Denali. In an Astral Ceremony, the mercenary and his steed were bequeathed the mighty D2 solar swords to aid in combat with the moon’s army of darkness. The ancient ritual has occurred many times over a millennia, as the mighty Denali provided the power of the light to other resistance fighters such as Apollo, Freyr, Helios, and Amaterasu.

The T7 and our mercenary, armed with the D2 solar swords, set out to battle the dark lords of the lunar army. The creatures of the night, brought to life by the darkness, were no match for the mercenary of the solar soldier and his powerful iron stallion.


Housed in compact aluminum pods measuring just 2.2in in diameter and 2.4in deep the D2 LED lights are perhaps the most versatile design available; powerful enough to be your “primary” driving light yet small and light enough to comfortably mount on a fender. The DENALI D2s feature durable black powder-coated finishes and special cooling fins to make sure the LED itself runs cool and bright.


The Tenere 700 galloped along a dirt road with rider astride, facing the moon’s army head-on as a water monster came across their path. The hydro goliath attempted to swallow our protagonists whole as the iron horseman pointed his noble steed through the rocky bank of the creek monster and headlong into the abyss of the murky liquid. The depths of the evil water overtook the solar swords but the brightness was underestimated by the goliath, as they illuminated the rocky bottom and allowed our hero to escape unscathed.

The undulating terra firma leviathan sent earthen waves to stave off the attack of the mercenary. Brown eruptions of muddy earth rippled through the suspension, the surprise attack commenced. The mud monster, another lieutenant of the lunar army, led the charge and spit her slippery arsenal at the mercenary’s iron steed, temporarily incapacitating the beast and rider. Luckily the Barkbuster shields averted the attack and blocked any injury to the rider’s hands.

As the mercenary with his solar swords of Denali continued his trek, the next battle ensued before he may convalesce. Our champion cut a pathway through the dark forest and attacked in a daring offensive. The elder oak giants with their ruckus roots and lunatic limbs reached out to dislodge the rider from his perch on the mighty T7. In a display of balance and power the rider bobbed and weaved, deflecting the thicket onslaught to penetrate deeper into the woods.

Not ready to capitulate, Mother Earth’s creatures of the night continued to barrage the mercenary of the solar soldier. The thorny bush beast shot daggers at the armored rider in an attempt to inflict damage. But not only did the rider wield the intensity of Denali and the defense of Barkbuster but also donned ATGATT chain mail to protect against the dark army’s weapons. In this vain assault, the beast’s spikes were deflected by the Mercenary’s armor and failed to slow the offensive.


Keep your hands and controls safe with the Barkbusters Storm lever and weather protection handguards. Full-wrap solid heat-treated aluminum bars with secure two point mounts provide strength while sleek and generous guards provide shelter from the wind and weather. The plastic handguards help deflect road debris while also preventing the accidental activation of your controls when riding through narrow trails or in close contact with others.


The mercenary ran the gamut through the creatures of the night unscathed as the darkness began to lose its grip on the theater of war. Reinforcements arrived at dawn as the solar soldier regained his footing on the wooded battlefield. The iron steed T7 and rider stood ready to continue their assault on the next fiends of the lunar army when the darkness would inevitably return for its next onslaught.
The battle was won, but the millennia war was far from over. Alas, darkness is the natural state of the cosmos. Our radiant friends have fought the good fight since the dawn of time, starting with their first victory in this eternal war: the battle of the big bang. The solar soldier and comrade celestial bodies formed the fellowship of luminosity to battle this dark fiend, recruiting Denali and instructing it on the ways of the light. Denali has taken this ancient wisdom to cast many forms of the solar sword to aid us in our battle with the moon’s army of darkness. Choose your weapon of illumination wisely.

The mercenary’s D2 LED solar swords were chosen for their size and rugged design. The D2s are mounted low and tucked into the crash bars of the Tenere700 to help protect the precious powerful beams from the dark lords of the lunar army. Each sword has been set to flood to aid in the close-quarters hand-to-hand combat of #ADVDualSporting and pair excellently with the OEM LED headlights of the T7.

Good luck and godspeed fellow riders and power-of-light resistance fighters! May your travels be highly enlightening and extremely visible! Pun intended.

The Players
The Mercenary of Clan Twisted Throttle
The Noble Steed, #TankTenere700 of Harras Yamaha
The D2 Solar Swords of Clan Denali Electronics
The Solar Soldier of Clan Astral
The Creatures of the Night of Tribe Mother Earth
Moon of the Shadow Legion Order
With Special Guest
Barkbuster The Protector

The Mercenary and his Noble T7, aided by the D2 Solar Swords, in search of the Allegheny Troll

Text and photos by: Kane Wagner

Kane is the founder of Appalachian ADV – Adventure & Dual Sport Motorbiking LLC, formed as an outlet for creativity in written word, captured visual art, and route development. Two wheels and a motor are his adrenaline junkie delivery system of choice, providing natural highs delivered through dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins that act as the catalysts for his motorbiking experience. His goal is to bring people of diverse backgrounds together to create common bonds through shared adversity on his “ADV Dual Sporting” routes as well as building confidence by overcoming those joyous hardships. Kane and Appalachian ADV aim to use motorbikes, the beauty and challenges of nature, and a healthy dose of those happy hormones to give people opportunities to enjoy life, unplug, find much needed commonality, and to Have Fun, Take Chances.

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  1. This is too funny! I never would have guessed someone would combine my love for motorcycling, LED lighting, and science fiction writing hahaha! Next up should be a “Choose Your Own Adventure” in this universe! ☺

    1. Thanks Steele! I was chuckling to myself the whole time I was writing it! Who knows what wild adventure the Mercenary will find himself in next…

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