Selecting new GIVI luggage for your motorcycle is a no-brainer. GIVI has been producing a wide variety of rugged luggage and motorcycle accessories for over forty years. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to make the right choice based on how you use your motorcycle. We have put together a quick summary of the exciting product lines that GIVI has to offer. 


MONOKEY luggage is the tried and true luggage system from GIVI that uses a single key for opening the cover of your top case as well as releasing the case from it’s mounting plate. The MONOKEY luggage range is one of the most convenient and easy to use luggage systems, which is why it has become one of the most commonly used systems in the motorcycle industry. 

Features from the Manufacturer

Three anchor points, positioned so as to provide a significant area of contact with the motorcycle or scooter, guarantee that the load is evenly distributed across the entire surface of the supporting plate. Meanwhile, four spacers — made from an elastic material which is particularly resistant to extreme weather and temperature variations — dampen oscillations and vibrations and ensure firm contact between the bottom of the case and the plate. 

These solutions have allowed GIVI to achieve an extremely high level of reliability in its MONOKEY® fixing system, which remains constant over time and is capable of withstanding even the most severe stresses posed by road surfaces or driving conditions.


For the slightly less adventurous, the MONOLOCK® fixing system from GIVI is designed to provide the same build quality as the MONOKEY system, specifically designed for lighter vehicles and short-medium distance trips. The MONOLOCK system offers smaller maximum loads, but yields a lighter overall weight and a more compact footprint for smaller vehicles. 

You have no doubt seen the MONOLOCK system being utilized by leading motorcycle manufacturers, who have adopted it for their own original accessories. The application list for compatible vehicles is vast and just like MONOKEY®, the same key opens the cover and releases the motorcycle/scooter top case from the plate.



When the trail gets a little rough or you are planning to cross several international borders with potentially aggressive border agents, Trekker Outback side cases can handle the abuse. Because the Trekker Outbacks are subjected to so much abuse, fixing systems and case holders must be up to the challenge as well. To meet the challenge that offroad riding presents, the engineers at GIVI created the MONOKEY® CAM SIDE system.  

The MONOKEY CAM SIDE system allows GIVI hard cases to be attached at four points and still be able to be quickly released from the mounting frame. The case holders mount to the motorcycle at several points and are manufactured of 18mm tubular steel for maximum durability. The MONOKEY CAM SIDE system and the Trekker Outback cases are up for any adventure you can find. 


Naturally, the team at GIVI decided to combine the two popular fixing systems above (MONOKEY and MONOLOCK) into a third option, MONOKEY SIDE. 

From GIVI’s R&D department:

MONOKEY® SIDE represents a significant evolution of the classic system consisting of an “attachment system plus hard side bags”. The side cases belonging to this system feature contoured bases which adapt to the sloped shape of their holder, and new anchor points with “slides”. These slides receive the disengagement signal from the release button on the side cases and provide an additional significant increase in general stability. In this way, side cases featuring MONOKEY® SIDE are held more firmly to the side of the motorcycle, for a notable improvement in general aerodynamics. 

Compare the GIVI MONOLOCK and MONOKEY on YouTube


Still undecided about which GIVI luggage system is right for you? Send us a message and one of our Customer Service Representatives will find a solution that works for you and how you ride. 

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  1. Do you make soft panniers and tank bags?

    1. We carry a wide range of soft panniers and tank bags including items from GIVI.

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