DENALI CANsmart Controller

What is a DENALI CANsmart?

The DENALI CANsmart is a CANbus controller that provides a plug-and-play connection and intelligent control of aftermarket and OEM accessories right from your bike’s original switches. The DENALI Accessory Manager Software allows you to set parameters for the control of each circuit depending on the type of accessory you are using and how you want it to behave. Simply connect the CANsmart Controller to your bike’s diagnostic port to access over 35 programmable accessory settings that provide intelligent control of factory passing lamps, auxiliary lights, horns, brake lights, or any other accessory you can imagine. The four accessory circuits are electronically fused and can provide up to 25 peak amps (10 amps continuous) each.

The CANsmart system is designed to work perfectly with DENALI Electronics LED accessories (aux lights, brake lights, running lights, etc) and the SoundBomb Air Horn. All DENALI accessories are an easy plug & play connection. Non-DENALI accessories can still be used with the CANsmart, but you will need to cut the plugs in order to wire on the third-party light/accessory. If you don’t wish to cut the plug off, there are DENALI pigtails available separately for just a few dollars.

Does the DENALI CANsmart fit my motorcycle?

The DENALI CANsmart is available for the following motorcycles:

What are the benefits of using the DENALI CANsmart?

The DENALI CANsmart Controller provides plug-and-play installation and integrated control of up to four accessories to enable dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled right from your OEM controls or the CANsmart Accessory Manager Software. The beauty of using the CANsmart controller is that installation is a breeze and doesn’t tap into or damage your bike’s existing electrical system. The CANsmart connects to the motorcycle’s positive and negative battery terminals and to the OEM harness pass-thru plug under the seat. The entire DENALI lighting system can be installed and removed with no changes to the OEM wiring harness. No tapping or wiring nonsense is needed that might trip a fault code or create a short in the electrical system down the road.

CANsmart Intelligent Features Include:

  • Independent and customized control of each electrical accessory on the motorcycle.
  • Flash to pass (auxiliary lights)
  • Customized dimming modes controlled through the OEM high/low beam switch (auxiliary lights)
  • Modulation (auxiliary lights)
  • Inverse flash with hazards (auxiliary lights)
  • Strobe when horn active (auxiliary lights)
  • Inverse flash with turn signals (auxiliary lights)
  • Solid, continuous flash, or California legal flash brake light (Brake applied)
  • Flash brake light on deceleration (engine braking)
  • Additional accessory power (simple circuit)
  • Plug & play with all DENALI Electronics Accessories
  • 3rd party accessory compatibility (slight modification)
  • Delay time out
  • Electronically fused and can provide up to 25 peak amps (10 amps continuous)


Do I have to program the CANsmart on the computer?

The short answer is no. By default, the CANsmart controller is preprogrammed to control two sets of auxiliary lights, a brake light, and a SoundBomb horn. Below are the default circuit settings:

  • Red Circuit: Light Pair One-Fuse: 10 Amps
  • Blue Circuit: Horn – Fuse: 25 Amps
  • Yellow Circuit: Brake Light – Fuse: 2 Amps
  • White Circuit: Light Pair Two-Fuse: 4 Amps

The DENALI Accessory Manager Software allows you to set parameters for the control of each circuit depending on the type of accessory you are using and how you want it to behave. 13 circuit functions are given for a variety of auxiliary lights, brake lights, horn, standard accessories, turn signals, and run/brake/turn lights.

The DENALI CANsmart software is easy to use from your laptop computer, just plug it in and set it up! Default settings are a great place to start, then by using a variety of slider bars and toggle switches, you can fine-tune the optional settings to fit your needs. With the 13 potential circuit functions for you to choose from, creating a completely customizable setup is quite easy. Simple circuit override will allow you to use any circuit in an open/closed fashion for other accessories you might want to attach (think GPS, heated grips, or charging outlet).


How can I customize turn signals, brake lights, and accessories with the CANsmart software?

The Circuit Function Selector will let you run any accessory of your choice on any of the four circuits. Click on a circuit icon at the top to open the drop down menu of available circuit functions. Simply select what accessory type you want to run on each circuit. Continue reading for an overview of each circuit function (accessory type) and its available settings. You can see the default accessory options above on the software home screen. This includes the auxiliary lights (pair or split), auxiliary brake light and horn accessory options. Scroll down to see screenshots of the other available accessory options and their customizable settings.


The turn signal circuit enables the addition of an auxiliary turn signals without having to tap into the bikes factory turn signal harness. This is the ideal option for powering our amber DRLs. The settings window allows you to choose if you want the signal to run and flash or flash only. You can also set the running light and flash intensity between 0-100%.



This circuit function will transform a simple 2-wire LED light into a full-featured red run/brake/turn light for use in the rear of your bike. This circuit enables the addition of a red auxiliary brake light (with turn signal and flash pattern braking) all without having to tap into the bike’s factory turn signal or brake harness. This is the ideal option for powering our Dual B6 Brake License Plate Brake Light.



The Accessory circuit function will provide a simple switched 12v power to an accessory of your choice when the motorcycle’s ignition is turned on. You can set the accessory to have a delayed time-out (between 0-60 seconds) or opt for it to shut off immediately with your ignition.

New in October 2020, the third data wire (marked with a white stripe on all circuits) now provides clean, ignition-switched, 12v power that shuts off instantly with the bike’s ignition. This allows you to easily add accessories like an INNOVV camera that requires both an ignition-switched trigger wire and a power wire that can continue to provide power after the trigger wire detects that the ignition has been turned off.



The heated gear circuit enables heated gear to work in conjunction with the motorcycle’s factory heated grip settings. The temperature of the heated gear can be preset in the software from 0%-100% for each stage the motorcycle has for the factory heated grips. This circuit function is only available for bikes that have factory electronic heated grip control. Current applications include:

  • BMW K1600 – 5 levels of adjustment
  • BMW F900XR, F850GS & F750GS –  3 levels of adjustment
  • BMW R1250, R1200LC, R1200HH, S1000XR, F800GS, F700GS, G650GS, K1200GT & K1300S – 2 levels of adjustment
  • KTM 1290, 1190, 1090 – 3 levels of adjustment


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