Written By: Tony Prust

Builder: Analog Motorcycles (@analogmotorcycles) 

Motorcycle: 2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 – The “Hyper8”

Photos: Daniel Peter (@danielpeterphoto) & Tony Prust


An Analog Motorcycles race bike should get the full Analog treatment, so we dove in and built a pretty rad race machine that we are looking forward to racing this season. We have about 4 race weekends penciled in and might add a couple more. First one is at Laguna Seca in California. A dream track of mine so this is literally a bucket list opportunity for me. We have only ran the bike on the Dyno and have very little in the way of expectations to place our first race out but the mere fact that we built it in a couple months, it looks this great and we are going to race at Laguna Seca is amazing.

We did a bunch of work to get this machine into race trim and as good as we can make it in the time we had. We will spend this season fine tuning and working out any kinks.

The main objective of the build was trying to lighten up the bike as much as we could. Lighter and more powerful is the ultimate goal in a race bike after all. We swapped several body work pieces for carbon fiber. Stripped the wiring harness down to bare essentials and removed all the lighting. There are a number of bolts and fasteners we swapped with titanium bits. The remaining body work that is not off the shelf is handmade aluminum. This process takes a lot of time and thought but pretty pleased with how it all came together.


[The design process… Photos by: Tony Prust]

We knew going fast and pushing the bikes limits would come with the risk of crashing. For that risk we decided to turn to R&G crash protection to help minimize the potential damage. R&G offers frame and axle sliders as well as engine protection which are designed to keep the important parts of your bike protected. If the bike goes down on the race track in a normal circumstance like a low side on track, the sliders hold the bike up off the pavement and slide. This keeps the important items like frame, swing arm, suspension and engine free of any serious damage. Body work is fairly easy to replace but a frame or an engine with serious road rash is the difference between making it to the next race or starting over on another bike. Hopefully a crash never happens but if it does we wanted to be prepared and with R&G‘s extensive offerings we knew they would be the perfect (and only) choice.  

We installed an 840cc piston kit and Corse Performance intake kit. We also fabricated a new exhaust system, Dyno jet PCV and quickshifter. Then we sent the bike to Phoenix Motorsports and had it dyno tuned. In the end we went from a 418lbs, 71HP machine to a 385lbs, 83Hp machine that should perform and turn heads while doing it. The bigger hurdle in this build was swapping the front and rear suspension and wheels from the Hyper 796 big brother the 1100S. The bigger bike comes with lighter wheels and tunable suspension. This should be a bigger improvement but not a lot of real data out there for this. Most people don’t dump lots of improvements into the smaller Hypers when they can just go buy the bigger one for less money in the end. Because the class we wanted to race in we needed to keep it under 900cc. So we called up Race Tech to try and get some base-line internals and spring rates sorted. This was tough without any real world data, oh yeah and we are lowering the bike about 1” too. Good thing Race Tech has some top notch engineers there so we can at least have a baseline to start with and try and improve throughout the season. Hopefully I have the skill to pilot it quickly and safely around the track.  

All in all we are super pleased how the whole project turned out. So much so I had to get a photo shoot done before we took it out on the track for that “just in case factor”. But it is a brand-new bike with unknown suspension and I will be on a new to me track and will hopefully not be pushing too hard our first time out. We are looking forward to some track time and trying to dial in the suspension.


[The finished product! Photo by: Daniel Peter @danielpeterphoto]



  •     Ducati Hyper 1100S suspension and triples.
  •     Race Tech Cartridge kit in forks
  •     Race Tech valving in shock
  •     Ducabike adjustable rear link
  •     Ducati Hyper 1100S wheels (lighter)
  •     Ducati Hyper 1100S calipers
  •     Metzeler Slicks


  •     MotoCorse Performance intake
  •     840cc pistons
  •     Spectro Oils fluids
  •     DynoJet PCV
  •     Dynojet Quick Shifter
  •     Custom made mid-pipe Cone Muffler
  •     Custom made breather box
  •     520 Chain conversion with Driven sprockets and carrier
  •     Titanium bolts


  •     Custom rear fender
  •     Custom side number plates
  •     Custom front number plate
  •     iOneMoto belly pan
  •     Carbon fiber tank panels and top
  •     Carbon fiber front fender (Ducati Streetfighter with custom brackets)
  •     Carbon fiber rear hugger
  •     Custom seat by Dane at Plz.Be.Seated
  •     Paint by Ron Siminak


  •     WireCare cable management
  •     WireCare Heat shielding
  •     Magura Handlebars
  •     Magura HC3 Master Cylinders
  •     Spiegler Brake Lines
  •     CNC Racing Rear sets


Read Part 1 HERE.

Part 3 coming 3/26/20! 


A special thanks from Tony and the Analog crew:

We want to thank all our sponsors who have hopped on board for the 2020 race season. Our title sponsor WireCare has been amazing in the shop and we look forward to working with them more. The products they offer give Analog builds that little extra edge and detail that we think sets us apart from a lot of other shops. Our long time shop sponsor Spectro Oils for all the fluids we put into all our builds and race bikes. Magura with the incredible master cylinders #whostopsyou. R&G Racing products came on board with sliders and engine protection for that just in case moment that we never want to experience. Metzeler for the sticky race tires. Race Tech for the incredible suspension products and knowledge. Cone Engineering for the exhaust options. (We actually have another more restrictive set up that we may need to run at Laguna for their strict 105 db limit. So big thanks to Cone for setting us up with options.) And of course Mr. Del Thomas for this incredible build and this experience. 

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