Recently Added Products – April 2020


Recently Added Products

DENALI standard powersports wiring harness kit


First on our recently added products list, the Standard Powersports Wiring Harness from DENALI. DENALI’s Standard Powersports Wiring Harness features high-quality waterproof components and is designed to power two DENALI 2.0 LED Light Pods. It has the exact same functionality as DENALI’s Premium Wiring Harness but features a smaller waterproof switch designed for surface or flush mounting.  

  • Installs on any 12V powersport vehicle
  • Can use with DataDim Dual Intensity Controller
  • Hi/Low functions with OEM headlight switch if available
  • Override switch available


Recently Added Products

Neck tubes available!


The CDC recently released a statement advising everyone to cover their nose and mouth when it is necessary to be in public (going to the grocery store or a doctors appointment for example). While the medical grade face masks have been in short supply, the CDC recommends using at least a cloth cover to help contain the spread of COVID-19 if at all possible. As motorcyclists, we all likely have a few things around the garage that can be used as a mask in a pinch. Neck tubes work perfectly for this! Not only will they offer wind and dust protection while riding, they will do just fine as a cloth face mask when making your weekly store run. Twisted has several versions of neck tubes now available from Klim and SW-Motech!

SW-MOTECH Microfiber Neck Tube | Red & Black 

Klim Tek Sok

Klim Nek Sok

Klim Neck Warmer

Recently Added Products


Scottoiler eSystem v3.1


Next on the Recently Added Products list, the Scottoiler eSystem v3.1! Keep the drive chain and sprockets on your motorcycle properly lubricated while you ride with the Scottoiler eSystem Electronic Chain Oiler.  The eSystem allows users to customize the drip rate via an electronic device mounted on the dash. Wondering why you should consider an automatic chain oiler? Chains using an automatic chain oiler last up to 7 times longer than a standard chain maintained regularly with spray lube. The continuous drip of oil keeps the chain clean and lubricated as you ride down the road. Is this a replacement to performing regular chain maintenance? Not exactly. We always recommend you check your chain for kinks, rust, and broken links before you get on the bike. The Scottoiler system is simply a way to continue the maximum level of chain conditioning while out on your ride. No longer will you need to carry cans of spray lube on your riding trips!

New v3.1 features:

  • All new software pack
  • Upgraded hardware
  • Upgraded buttons & screen
  • Easier to operate interface
  • Long term memory retains settings





Recently Added Products

DENALI KTM CANsmart & light circuit control switch


The last but certainly not the least recently added product is the KTM CANsmart controller! The DENALI CANsmart™ Controller provides plug-n-play installation and integrated control of up to four DENALI accessories to enable dozens of customization settings that can be controlled right from the KTM’s existing handlebar switches, the optional KTM CANsmart Control Switch or the CANsmart™ Accessory Manager Software. The DENALI Control Switch enables complete control of the KTM CANsmart light circuits. Both Auxiliary Light Set One and Auxiliary Lights Set Two can be independently toggled ON/OFF and adjusted to the desired intensity via the switch.  

  • Independently control 4 accessories
  • Customize settings each circuit
  • Plug & Play Installation
  • See and be seen – ride safer with CANsmart!


Recently Added Products


Stay tuned for more Recently Added Products coming monthly!

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