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We sat down with Andy Salter of Baffle Culture to find out a little more about what he’s up to this year and his latest project build. Read on!


Who is Baffle Culture, anyways?

AS: Baffle Culture started as an Instagram page about 3-4 years ago where myself (Andy) and fellow rider Sam were captivated by this motorcycle culture. We were particularly drawn to the retro styling and watching David Beckham cruise on some custom Bonnies with his mates in South America for his tv show ‘Into the Unknown’ really inspired us to follow suit.

We reached out locally to share this passion and love for motorcycling and come across some like-minded riders who wanted to get involved (we’re now a team of six). That’s where our mantra ‘Share the Ride’ developed, as when we were riding out, we were sharing more than just the physical ride, we were sharing all things apart of this journey (promise I won’t get philosophical).

With our instagram page growing in the background, we started to host ride outs and collaborate with local companies who were also drawn to this culture.

An opportunity to renovate some garage space came to fruition to provide somewhere permanent for us and we jumped on the opportunity. With ‘Baffle Haus’ up and running and Baffle Culture looking busy for the coming summer, there’s plenty of planning being implemented.

Alongside this exciting journey with Baffle Culture, having fortunately test rode many motorcycles, I took it on myself to customize and buy an RnineT and to capture the project on our socials. Because I find the whole project interesting, I thought others might as well.


Baffle Culture

 What is Baffle Haus?

AS: Apart from the slightly unnecessary and German way to spell house, Baffle Haus is more of less exactly that. It’s our club ‘house’, our home to this culture that we’ve brought together locally. 

We’ve managed to get some industrial shelving with bikes stacked, leather sofas, and custom woodwork to make the place our own. We’re really delighted with how it’s come together. There’s plenty of pictures on our instagram @bafflehaus which should help with the visual.

All our events and ride outs will be promoted through both accounts @baffleculture and @bafflehaus, so make to follow us if you’d like to get involved. On our to-do list is to sort a mailing list so we can email those who aren’t Insta-ready. This will be set up before the season arrives!

  Baffle Culture  Baffle Culture

What was the inspiration behind the Baffle Culture project RnineT you built back in January?

AS: When I first rode the ‘Beemer’, it just oozed character. And for a stock bike, that’s pretty rare these days. I knew there was more to get from this R9T, both from a performance point of view and aesthetic. I wanted to ‘unleash’ the character and beauty this bike has to offer. It was just a matter of how to do such, and tastefully. The lateral rumble of the boxer with the pull of the shaft drive is just, in my opinion, special.

Baffle Culture

What were the major upgrades included in the build? What makes this bike unique?

AS: Like most things exciting, once you get going on a project, it takes your whole attention and time. From looking at one or two things, the bike has been more or less completely transformed from stock. I believe, how you part these pieces together and which companies you decide to use for aftermarket parts, that’s what makes the bike unique, a way to display one’s style and inspiration.

Aesthetically I decided to repaint the tank to a flat grey with black knee sections to complement the gold forks. I complimented the tank with my own designed ‘BMW | Baffle Culture’ logo I got transferred and clear coated. I’ve recently powered coated most to all things grey on the bike to adhere to it’s slightly ‘mean’ and imposing presence. The seat was reupholstered to a synthetic suede ‘Alcantara’ with some added comfort for good measure.

The fun stuff,

Motogadget do an incredible job in tidying what was quite an instrument cluster, so I got their speedo, bar end indicators and rear indicator pins to keep it all simple and minimalistic.


I got the bike to Pier City Cycles in South England and what they did with the bike is nothing far from incredible. They removed the air box, threw on some straight through pipes to remove the catalytic converter, accompanied this with DNA air filter pods, flapper valve delete and a lightweight aftermarket can and the bike is ‘alive’! To make sure the bike can run to its potential they fitted a fuel management system and attached it to their computer to tune and program the bike so it was ‘firing on all cylinders’.

Sorry I get carried away.

Other parts to mention are the very well made Daedalus tail tidy, Rizoma fender, handlebar and fuel cap. And the other geniuses behind the build, Cid from Cid Motorcycles & Jody from Thornton Hundred.


What did the process look like?

AS: Being quite a ‘visual’ person, I like to render and design a lot of various options for the bike to gauge what I feel will work. Anything from colour schemes, to ride setup and usability. Then I work with the various personnel to make this concept reality.

What drew Baffle Culture to DENALI Electronics for the lighting on this project?

AS: Due to wanting to build and customize this R nineT to something special, it naturally took its direction to being modernized with the most advanced technology including LED lighting. The previous stock headlight was the one thing always staring me in the eye and I know an LED headlight would be the finishing touch.

A lot of trying to figure out which headlight to go by, was the one that would fit in, plug and play. The M7 did just that, and the lads at Pier City Cycles made it look easy. I must admit, it is the stand out feature of the bike which has recently drawn the most attention.



What are your plans for the bike now that it is complete?

AS: Grip and rip. I don’t know many over ways of articulating getting out to our incredible surrounding of mountainous twisties and straights in the Brecon Becons. I’m looking forward to getting back out with the lads and just enjoying what the bike has to offer. I’m not an overly aggressive or quick rider so the bike is plentiful for me!

We’ve recently got in touch with our local BMW Motorrad garage so hopefully I’ll be able to get the bike down to them to get it some of the love and attention I believe it deserves.

So overall plan, enjoy the bike. Spend time just looking at it in the garage. And be proud to ride it to and from various events and ride outs with Baffle Culture.

Baffle Culture

Any more projects on the horizon? What can we expect to see from Baffle Culture this year?

AS: It really is that exciting time of year before the summer where plans and ideas are thrown around at every meeting we have. There are some collaboration builds being proposed so we’ll have to see what may be done there.

We’re going to be using our space to host multiple events and ride outs which I’m really excited about. We’re also launching our YouTube channel shortly where we’ve recorded an introduction and just been to France filming a Indian FTR1200 review as ‘Storm Dennis’ has caused havoc in the UK!

I’ll let you know when I review my R9T! The Denali M7 will be the star of the show.. quite literally.

Baffle Culture

How can our readers follow you or get in touch about one of your projects?

AS: Please reach out to Baffle Culture on Instagram @baffleculture, or feel free to send me an email

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