About the Twisted Throttle Factory Store

Prior to the COVID pandemic, the Twisted Throttle Factory Store was a retail showroom full of accessories, riding gear, maintenance items, and electronic gadgets to satisfy any motorcycle rider.  It was set up as a “see-touch” museum of ways to outfit all types of motorcycles for long-distance touring and battle commuting.

During the pandemic, we temporarily closed the retail store and focused on our online sales to limit exposure to our warehouse and customer service staff. After over two years of online-only business, we’ve come to realize that we can provide a much better customer experience by focusing purely on one sales channel instead of two.

As of spring of 2022, we’ve decided to permanently close the local retail store and focus 100% on online sales. We still have store-pickup options for checkout in our website, but we no longer have a showroom open to the public. We know this will disappoint some long-time customers, but we feel it’s the right thing to do at this point.

We appreciate your continued support for our online store, and we’ll see you at events throughout the USA this year!