About the California Superbike School

By: Dylan Code

California Superbike School

 California Superbike School

[CSS staff are all highly trained racing professionals]

The California Superbike School started 40 years ago, helping riders improve their skills. The courses are held at racetracks around the USA and also in foreign countries. Even though the training is on a racetrack, most of the school’s students are street riders with a desire for the freedom of the track combined with the guidance of a trusted school. Students can ride their own motorcycle or one of the school’s fleet of 30 BMW S1000RR’s. The fleet is fitted with R&G case covers, frame sliders, bar ends and axle spools. We immediately repair any damage at the track and having the R&G products ensures quicker, easier, and less expensive repairs.

The school is broken down into four levels. Students do one level per day, everyone starts at Level 1 regardless of experience. Level 1 focuses on the most common mistakes all riders (including pros) make with their control inputs. Level 2 goes deep into how to use your eyes, and also braking. Level 3 covers body position from many different angles and includes some “tricks” you can do with your body when cornering to get out of trouble. Level 4 is a customized program tailored to the individual rider and their needs/goals.

California Superbike School

[One on one instruction takes your riding skill to the next level]

[Personalized instruction is available once you reach training level 4]


Visit the California Superbike School website for schedule, prices, and general info: https://superbikeschool.com/schedule/

California Superbike School

California Superbike School[Students are attentive during the introduction to their training weekend]


Twisted Throttle sat down with Dylan to ask a few more questions…


TT: How many students has CSS taught in the 40 years since its inception?

DC: We have trained 147,000 students so far. That includes our foreign branches and here in the USA.


TT: What is the most common mistake you see riders making when they come to take your courses for the first time?

DC: Usually they are very fundamental mistakes that the rider never notices. I’d have to say overall we find riders applying the throttle too soon in a corner, while they are leaning the bike in at corner entry.


TT: What has been the most fulfilling part of coaching over the years?

DC: Of course seeing student improvement, but there’s also a great sense of community and camaraderie that gets developed between all the riders whether staff or students. There are bonds made at the track that last a lifetime.


TT: How do the techniques taught on the race track translate to road riding?

DC: No matter where one is riding, the goal is more or less the same: get the bike to go where you want, at the speed you want. The track gives the rider the opportunity to repeat a corner until they get it right. It provides an environment without the variables of traffic and other threats/distractions. There is a lot of power in having a rider focus on one element of their technique. They usually make huge gains. Then when they are in a more challenging environment like a public road with traffic, they are better prepared.


TT: If you could give one tip to all motorcyclists that would make them a better rider, what would it be?

DC: I’d say the most all-encompassing piece of advice you’d give to any rider is: look where you want to go.

California Superbike School

California Superbike School

[This could be you, racing around the track with expert coaching from CSS!]


R&G Racing Products and Twisted Throttle are proud sponsors of the California Superbike School.

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