Gearing Up for the Winter Install Project

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and soon we will be cooped up inside with nothing better to do than tinker on our bikes in preparation for next year’s adventures. If you have been toying with the idea of setting up a new BMW R1250GS for next riding season, you are in luck! We had the chance to equip this mighty pavement pounding and dirt slinging motorcycle with all the bells and whistles to make next year’s adventures safe and fun. Read on to find out what we did!


Electrical Accessory Package

Safety is our number one priority here at Twisted Throttle, and we believe that being safe on the road means being seen and heard. Our first addition to the 1250GS was the DENALI CANsmart controller, a plug-n-play electrical accessory controller that allows customizable management of the auxiliary Denali 2.0 Trioptic LED light pods, B6 auxiliary tail light and Denali SoundBomb compact dual-tone air horn.

The SoundBomb horn was mounted using a bike-specific horn mounting kit that places the horn between the front forks, facing traffic for maximum auditory penetration. At 120 decibels, the SoundBomb is sure to get the attention of surrounding cagers.

In addition to the horn, we added three sets of auxiliary DENALI LED lights; the D7, D4, and S4 Trioptic light pods. Overkill? Maybe. With seven 10 watt Cree LED’s, the D7 is the brightest light in the DENALI lineup projecting a staggaring 15,330 lumens which permeate more than 1,500 feet. To supplement the D7’s we installed a set of the smaller S4’s to the lower front forks, creating a triangle pattern with the lights for maximum street conspicuity. A set of D4’s were also installed on the lower crash bars, ensuring you have the ability to light up the night if needed.

We aren’t done yet! We want to be seen from behind as well, and the B6 tail light is the perfect addition to alert followers of your intent to slow down or stop. When paired with the CANsmart device, the B6 can be programed to strobe upon modulation of the brake levers. The 6-LED red strip light is very bright, ensuring you reduce the chances of a rear end collision.

Folks who are cautious of blinding oncoming traffic need not worry, the CANsmart gives you the ability to control the intensity of the forward facing lights with just a few clicks, making adjustments for road and traffic conditions quick and easy.



No adventure bike is complete without the ability to carry your gear, so we outfitted this 1250GS with the top-of-the-line Trax ADV cases (top and sides) by SW-Motech.

These rugged, waterproof aluminum panniers provide ample storage (combined 120 liters) for all your belongings, including the kitchen sink. The Trax cases remove quickly from the racks and can double as a camp table or seat. These cases are mounted via the SW-Motech Pro Side-Carriers and Adventure Top Rack with associated luggage adapter hardware kits.



It’s inevitable, at some point your motorcycle will have a fall. Whether it is a parking lot tip-over, a long slide on pavement, or the sometimes unavoidable dirt nap – having the key components of the motorcycle protected are a must.

We equipped this 1250GS with upper and lower crash bars from SW-Motech, designed to protect the protruding engine cylinders and fairings surrounding the radiators. Next we installed the SW-Motech skid plate and skid plate extension, which provides engine protection from rocks and debris along the underbelly of this beast. We consider these protection pieces vital for any adventure motorcycle.

In addition to the vital protection, we added the SW-Motech swing arm slider kit to protect the driveshaft assembly from abrasion in the event of a wreck on the road. The SW-Motech headlight guard was fitted as well, to keep road debris from cracking the expensive-to-replace headlight housing.



Riding is much more enjoyable when you are comfortable, so we added a few pieces that enhance the riding experience. First we included the SW-Motech adjustable EVO foot pegs. These pegs are adjustable to 12 rotational positions and allows you to lower the pegs from the stock height. At the highest position, the EVO Foot Peg Kit is level with the stock location. At the lowest, the pegs drop by 0.6in (15mm). The cam design also allows the pegs to be positioned slightly down and forward, about 0.3in (8mm) in each direction, as well as slightly down and back. With a larger surface area than stock foot pegs, removable aggressive rubber tread pads and traction lugs with rounded edges for longer boot life, you will enjoy solid foot position no matter how sloppy conditions get. Last but not least, mirror extenders were added to increase visibility to the rear and decrease blind spots. This pair of mirror extenders screw into the original mirror mount, providing a spacer between the base of the rear view mirror and the motorcycle’s original mirror mount.

All of these parts are easy to install and include full instructions for the DIY rider. If you like to tinker in the garage during the winter, this guide is sure to leave you with plenty to do. Now it’s time to grab a few friends and get to work! Our on-site technicians are available via phone or email if you run into any troubles and are always happy to help.


Project 2019 BMW R1250GS Parts List:



DENALI 2.0 CANsmart Plug-n-Play Controller

DNL.WHS.11602 $259.00


DENALI SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Motorcycle Air Horn 

TT-SB.10000.B $49.99


Horn mounted via:

DENALI Horn Mounting Bracket 

HMT.07.10700 $19.99


DENALI D7 2.0 TriOptic LED Light Pod 

DNL.D7.050 $299.00 X2


D7 mounted via:

DENALI Auxiliary Light Mounting Bracket 

LAH.07.10400 $62.99


DENALI S4 2.0 TriOptic LED Light Pod

DNL.S4.050 $110.00 X2


S4 mounted via:

DENALI Fender Bolt Mount Kit

LAH.00.10700.B  $40


DENALI D4 2.0 LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology 

DNL.D4.050 $155.00 X2


D4 mounted via:

DENALI 21mm-29mm Tube Mount Kit

LAH.00.10300.B $74.99


Lighting total: $1634.96


Comfort & Ergonomics:

SW-MOTECH Left & Right Side Mirror Extenders 

SVL.00.505.10600.B $73.95


SW-MOTECH EVO Adjustable Foot Peg 

FRS.07.112.10302.K $192.90


Comfort total: $266.85



SW-MOTECH TRAX ADV 45L Left Side Case 

ALK.00.733.10000L.S $499.99


SW-MOTECH TRAX ADV 37L Right Side Case 

ALK.00.733.11000R.S $479.99


To mount the side cases:

SW-MOTECH PRO Side Carriers 

KFT0766430001B $354.95


SW-MOTECH Pro Side Carrier Adapter Kit for Trax Cases

KFT.00.152.35100 $28.95



ALK.00.733.15000.S $526.95


To mount the top case:


GPT0778219000B $178.95


SW-MOTECH Top Case Adapter Kit for Trax Cases

GPT0015235100B $25.95


SW-MOTECH Passenger Backrest 

ALK.00.732.10200.B $93.95


SW-MOTECH Type 306 EVO Tank Ring 

TRT0064030601B $45.95



BCTRS0010420002 $208.95


Luggage total: $2449.58



SW-MOTECH Headlight Guard

LPS0778610001B $117.95


SW-MOTECH Swingarm Slider Kit 

STP.07.176.10000.B $73.95


SW-MOTECH Skid Plate

MSS0790410001.P $295.95


SW-MOTECH Skid Plate Extension 

MSS0778110301S $84.95


SW-MOTECH Brake Reservoir Guard 

SCT.07.174.10500.B $42.95


SW-MOTECH Sidestand Foot Enlarger 

STS.07.102.10400.B $73.95


SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Lower Engine Guards 

SBL0790410000B $339.95


SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Upper Engine Guards

SBL.07.870.10000 $280.95


Protection total: $1310.60


Grand total: $5,661.99

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